The Pot of Rose

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Hi Rose,

You must be so happy seeing me! I know. The feeling is mutual. Though, I have to admit, it was a little confusing spotting you so under my desk this morning.

See, when I came to work I was worrying about creating that new log page for the project I'm working on. I was planning that if I would finish this by lunch, I'd be able to check what the problem is with unsupported banks. The logs would certainly help there.

So with this in mind, and a reply I was framing to the client who wanted to know the final status, I rolled to my desk and sat down, realizing immediately that there was a bag under my desk that didn't belong. You were popping out of that bag. Proud to be showing off, and, most possibly, giggling to see me so baffled.

I picked up the bag, which turned out to be heavy, and decided to keep it somewhere else, for surely somebody from house-keeping made a mistake. But then it struck me. I had hints of a plan being executed. Is this what it meant?

I replaced the bag from where I had lifted it and looked at you. That was when I knew that I had just received you as a gift! That was when I'd smiled at you in return. In the next instant I had a thousand thoughts racing through my head about how I'll preserve you.

After a few moments of pondering in that direction I wanted to know how your carrier must have brought you here. He must have had a field day doing this! Anyway, I will know all the details soon enough. For now, let that be a mystery while I write this post for the person who gifted you me and me you.

My monitor's wallpaper is not of concern here.
I have decided that you'll stay with me in my balcony. There's no better place for you that'd give you enough space to breathe and grow. I'll make sure you're always watered before I leave for the day, and, I'll be damned, I'll have to read up on gardening now. We can't let you be ill. Ever.

By the way, it was only later, when I realized that your sender must have thought ahead and would have anticipated my confusion and my propensity to take quick decisions, I checked for a note around you. And I found a small flag with my name on it. It is ironic, considering the flags you raised in my head, one was waiting for me beside your stem.

Let's start a life together, dear rose. It'll be fun. I'll be waiting for more contact from you. Till then, live your day as a queen right beside me. Today is going to be fun!

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