Accept Defeat

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Note: If you're Hrithik Roshan, I'm sorry that I went against the title of the popular inspirational video you made. Please remember that I'm still a huge fan. This doesn't change anything between us.

Even the toughest control-freak has to come to terms with the fact that things stop working sometimes and refuse to move until they stop pushing and let go.

The act of letting go has travelled through centuries being handed down from generation to generation. In fact I can claim it's in our genes! Only yesterday I found a bull running along my car. I decently let go of the track and let the bull call the shots. And who doesn't remember being chased by a mad scavenger dog inspiring us to leave behind our school-bag, our shoes and our senses?

The follow-up question to the two stupid incidents is, what power do these mortals hold against us that they convince us to surrender before them? Their strength over our limp flailing limbs? Or the element of surprise they have over us?

I have the answer. We surrender because we know they know no bounds. They're ruthless and, most probably, crazed too. They're mad! We're not. We let go.

Why doesn't this apply to our fellow humans too, then? Because we know that guy we have a grudge against is restricted by his own understanding of moralities?

I think that we don't let it go mainly because we're the ones who are mad and crazed. We have trouble forgetting and forgiving. And that forms the root of all troubles.

The better memory we have, the worse we'll suffer.

Let's take a break here and accept that sometimes we have to see we're defeated. Ruining an excellent shot at repairing things we try to hold on. Sometimes, holding on is bad.

Accepting defeat doesn't make us a loser. It means we were wise enough to know where to stop and give the other a chance to look at things. That sets us apart from the bull and the dog. That makes us human.

We break away from banality and find the courage to tell ourselves that we have to pause and think what it'll take to come back. That's our motto, we keep moving forward with fuel breaks! Because in the end, we always want to get back on track and start running again.

The End

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