The Eye of the Dragon

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Just when I need the most concentration in the task at hand, I force myself up from my ass and pace around. That isn't a good release, is it?

When you hit a wall, you're supposed to find ways of going through. Break it, climb it or start digging, but don't turn your back on it and hope it'll go away. Never works. It stays there. It mocks you and laughs at you and you can feel its eyes on your neck.

The best way to deal with a problem is by finding ways to solve it. The best way to find ways is to force yourself to look into the eye of the dragon and not pee yourself scared. When you succumb to fear, everything ends. It knows it's strong.

When I looked up eye of the dragon, I got the universe in it!

Instead, what I must do is sit. Sit and look at it. Figure out how I can break this thing to bits. Stare into the eye and tell yourself that bit by bit you have to take this beast down. But, baby steps.

First, remember how awesome you are in the face of wrath. Feel energetic and fight the urge to flee. Make sure your ass stays grounded. Do not look away.

Second, try to understand the extent of the problem. Try to gauge how much effort it'll take to solve this thing. That must calm your nerves.

Third, and the final step, solve the shit and relax.

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