Main Bada Aadmi

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There are two types of engineers in India. One type is currently jobless and the other type is getting a My Break to Ascension degree. This is a satire (slash advice) to both the types.

Alright, let's dissect the first type.

I have a job. You have a job. The rest of the engineers envy us. We know we still have no job. Do you seriously think I work? Get this, I'm writing this blog post from my office.

Disclaimer: If anybody from Mindfire is reading this, I've completed all my goals for today. This is my style of wasting the time everybody else spends hanging in the table-tennis room or admiring the CCD's coffee machines.

Now, my appeal to the first type is, please, find a job. If you ever feel like you're not getting enough work, find a job that gives you enough work. That is the best way to ascension.

Alright, let's dissect the second type.

I want to prepare for CAT. You want to prepare for CAT. I am getting job-experience that creates an awesome fart around me. When IIMs smell this fart, they fall for the guy at once. Where's your fart?

Get this. Today is 16th Jan 2015. Your next CAT is October 2015. Your college starts in August 2016. Your college ends in 2018. You get stable in your job (via MBA) in 2019.

Now you have a loan of 15 lacs or something on your head. Your starting salary is "something". Don't you think that if you convert to the first kind of engineers, try to get a job that gives you work, you'll get more than the "something" by 2019? You'd have a fart of four years around you, right? That has to account for a deep charisma!

Think hard about why you really want a break to ascension. Is MBA the only way to earn more money? I know a guy who acquired a B. Tech. degree from the Sakalchand Institute of Technology (Never heard of it? That's the plan!), moved to Bangalore and landed a job fetching him 9.5 LPA. The most amazing thing is, he had no fart around him.

So, what is the point of that MBA after all?

Does the degree guarantee reversal of roles?
If you don't care about farts. But love smelling them, love creating them, then become an entrepreneur. Create something of value. Let the whole world smell incredible!

Why do you think working for somebody's brainchild from ten to six is your plan? Why don't you make a brainchild and work towards that? Believe me, the four years you'd spend farting around can do wonders to something that you create on your own. Four years is a lot of time for a lot of trial and errors, don't you think?

In the end, your net worth could exceed the "something" you'd achieve being any of the two types discussed above. The best part about being of this out-of-the-type type is, you neither need a job, nor an MBA degree. You need you and your brain. And of course a lot of complicated things that this post can't discuss. We need to make this idea seem beautiful.

Wait, what?

Oh, sorry! I missed mentioning that the post only appeals to engineers. I apologize for wasting your time, dear doctors. Please get back to rocking it. We're proud of what you do. We cannot stress that enough.


  1. Hahaha ... awesome writing Tushar... your blog is ultimate.. loving it!!

  2. Fun meeting this incarnation of Fart.