Who Let the Dogs Out!

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What happens to the pile of ear buds I keep collecting on my window pane?

Sometimes I trash my own room unconsciously when I'm in a hurry. I forget to clean it, and one gust of wind does it for me. But how bad is it?

There is a restaurant that serves average food but has incredibly well-mannered waiters, and another that is the exact opposite. A lot of people might be torn. And that is what the game is about. If you have terrible coders, make sure you have awesome marketing guys. Somebody has to make the consumer feel good, right?

In the case of my surroundings, I am the sole customer. My filth affects me.

I want to think of the garbage around me as an indicator to how healthy I am inside. Clearly, if you see somebody piss right on the edge of a busy road, you know they have a problem. As you climb up the pyramid of sophistication, you might find yourself at a level, with toffee wrappers crushed inside a book you were reading working as a bookmark.

In my previous post I narrated the story of the silly alien who got itself killed because he spat on somebody's shoe. It is lame, right? The alien emulates what it sees. Does that mean that deep down, because you see a guy throwing that pani-puri cup under the lorry makes you feel you have the right to do the same?

I think it validates it. This pattern of mirroring people also applies to anger, love and joy. Especially the kind of joy where you see a kid laughing shamelessly at a dog who fell over in a pond accidentally. Or, if you're like me, you'd just laugh at the dog directly like an ass.

But, there's a lot we can learn from a dog. But everybody knows all of that. Well, almost everybody. I've met an awesome set of people recently who have horribly twisted the rules of what relationships must be like.

Only if I knew this before I grew up.
Anyway, the most essential lesson my mom focused on was, a dog always cleans the area he's going to dump his ass in, and look at you! Needless to say, she isn't here and what she doesn't know, wouldn't hurt her! But I do miss the useless banters. Because scattered over a day, they didn't mean much, but, boy, you should listen to a mother go on a five-minutes long phone call! Whew!

If we be aware and alert and learn from the mistakes people around us are making, it'd be enough to teach us a lot about life. Why dogs, learn from the best of humans! That kind of emulation can't go wrong. Unless you're the alien who's learning the wrong things.

In closing, I want to appeal, if you aren't on Quora yet, get there. You're missing interacting with a lot of cool stuff. Think of it as a boat that expands as more people get on it. All of them afloat the water. All of them dry. And all of them learning to get by.

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