What Goes Around Comes Around

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Today, an elevator tried to suffocate me. Us!

I naturally avoid the office's elevator. They're ghastly. But some days you just can't avoid the sight of one sprawled open, waiting for preys to enter. So I did. And so did five other guys.

The elevator closed the doors and went silent. We panicked, rang the bell and when it turned out to be dumb, I broke down into laughter. The five guys looked at me while I clutched the side of my stomach and tried to stifle it, but to no avail. Anyway, the lights turned off at the next moment and so did my laughter. Snap! Just like that.

Anyway, the point is, does Karma exist? Laugh and you'll cry later. What does this even mean? It is our tendency to try to act or look serious all the time. For men, revealing emotions is a betrayal of the highest order. Why can't we just freaking smile all the time?

I wanted to post the picture of the wretched elevator. Unfortunately, the rascal is too elusive!

Oh, and if Karma does exist, who controls it? Who decides what reaction should a guy's action get? I think the answer to these questions will unlock a whole universe of new questions. My flatmate's upper lip swells up one morning. Is that a reaction too? Or is that an action? We might never get to know.

When my blog's interface was old, Facebook commenting worked. Now that I've revamped it, try as hard as I may, the damned commenting system isn't getting implemented. I've given up. Like the Scotties gave up trying to divide the United Kingdom. Some things are not meant to be.

In closing, I think I should confess that I got locked out of my car again. I was in the gym when this happened. My trainers came out carrying their biceps, "Tod den? Tod den?". I grinned like an idiot and left them with the car to look for a mechanic. But only after pleading, "Dada, main bas gaya aur aya! Please piche se kuch kariyo mat!".

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