The Heart of Life

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I've received a complaint about my blog. First of all, it's too self-centric!, it ran.

* * *

Do you remember the day when you wanted something so badly you'd cut off a part of your body to get it? I still remember that one time when I had given all I had in a dream. Every pore of my body worked towards realizing it. And in that I felt connected with the entire world.

I read newspapers, I followed politicians and I even listened to TED talks, but nothing could prepare me for what I felt when I felt connected. I could feel what a desperate soul feels when it wants something, they know the way of getting it, and yet it is not enough.

Ever since the creation of humanity, we've been living and evolving. We try hard to get up and walk. We struggle to learn to talk. We keep on changing ourselves. We keep on making ourselves newer. And that zeal never dies. It just hides somewhere inside.

I want to appeal to everybody reading this to look for what they're hiding. It's not tough, really. There's always that thought alive. We know what we want. We only forget that we are a supreme being and have fought our way to where we are right now.

The most important part in this struggle to find ourselves back is learning to be extremely productive when we're alone. We descended to the existence alone and we'll leave the same way. The catalyst we're looking for might get too late!

I remember typing, "I'm scared" and sending it to the person I trusted the most a night before my big day. My secret is still well kept, but that doesn't change the fact, right?

In closing, I'd like to point out that I do realize that my posts have become self-centric these days. I don't know why, but I will work on it. Till then, please keep reading to stay updated about what the disillusioned blogkeeper is doing. If you find a generic post, know that he's fallen ill and can't write anymore.

Good luck.

PS: Sure, my blog is random. I write what I feel. It doesn't have to make sense all the time. But do you really think a blogger can be so random in one small essay? 

PPS: I think connecting the dots is a game that's best left to be played by the reader. If you find a central theme, Voila! You've understood what went on in the blogger's mind while writing it! (And maybe more!)
* * *

I searched courage on Google. It gave me this.
I just couldn't keep myself from sharing it!

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