Deliver Us To Evil

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I killed something last night!

We were returning back from a late night show of Deliver Us From Evil. After five minutes of drive we smelled it. Imagine, it's 1:30 of the morning, we're down on knees with mobile torches trying to figure out what's the thing that I murdered after watching a gory horror film! Too much to handle, Bhubaneswar! Give me a freaking break!

Why do we feel remorse? I yell at my roommates and behave crossly with them for an hour, but I calm down within two and start feeling guilty within four. I thought I was born with evil inside me! What the heck happened during my growth, I am unaware of!

I visited a beautiful art gallery this weekend. My favorite piece was a photograph of a guy sleeping on a coil of ropes outside a Kurl-On's showroom. I felt the ropes tugging at my strings. Ever since I've moved to this new home, all I can think about is getting a mattress that gives me the best sleep. I've been focusing on the wrong aspect of my sleeplessness.

Feels so rich, right? Art and all!

I want to keep this short. Too much information kills curiosity! And nobody is reading me anyway, I think! But that's not an excuse. I'll read all of this myself someday and figure out what sort of man am I becoming.

On closing, I want to tell you the story of my encounter with BBSR cops. I paid them half a thousand to let me off on the charge of not wearing a seatbelt. I didn't argue, I didn't speak. It was my mistake, and I must pay, right? The cops were so pleased (surprised, maybe?) by this, they cut down the penalty to three-hundred bucks. Super!

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