Find Time for Love

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We live for a limited amount of time. Think about this while I move ahead.

There is a limit to our actions. We can't repeat the same kind of mistakes infinitely. We can't spill our morning coffee every morning, can we? And even if some poor soul does, we know there's a day when he inevitably won't.

This brings my idea back to the table. If you're another kind of poor soul who has his heart trapped in a cage that somebody else unknowingly carries, please stop them soon enough. They have a right to know. Life is, you know, too short. What's the worst that would happen? They'd reject the idea of carrying your heart ever again. That doesn't stop you from putting it again in their basket without their notice again. After all, you've become an expert at that!

Though, love doesn't always need a human carrier. I've seen people fall in love with their mobile phones too (please refer to: A Letter to my Samsy) , in extreme cases! The most awesome part is, this kind of love is perfectly normal too.

Lol! Pretty shameless about this bad girl, I am!

Anyway, there's an end to this post. And that will become apparent when I start referring to my new car. It is the most beautiful thing ever! It never fails me, until that one crazy night when I locked myself out of my car. It never says no to any dinner plan, whatever the time it be. And the most sporty thing is, she supports me as much as I support her.

For the record, it took me a while to notice that I changed from it to she. But, none shan't judge! I'm in love and it is blind. I'm referring to the car here.

On the ending note, I would like to admit that this post was going to be another sappy blogpost about lost love and shit that follows, but somehow the thought of my car took me to another mood. I think that is how you know the love is true. Like when somebody tries to bump into her I get that sudden urge to get the gun out and shoot HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! That is usually when I realize how love makes you do crazy shit and I calm down.

The City of Temples

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I've been traveling places recently.

I've achieved lots while doing so. I've walked down the popular traffic of Silk Board in Bangalore and I've peeked at the breathtakingly old temples of Bhubaneswar from the Boss (read Bus).

Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar (Source)

See, initially I assumed that the people of Bhubaneswar were outright rude. There had been several instances where they asked me to find the Boss when I asked them directions to a place. I was frustrated until the large tin can passed me by and an excited local started hopping up and down in anxiety and shoved me. Needless to say, I was unnecessarily offended (again) and missed my boss.

It was an hour later when I was enroute to the address in a reserved auto-rickshaw that I realized what the hapless people were trying to convey.

Silk Board is an entirely different story. It is a stretch of road that doesn't span over two-kilometer but takes at least twenty minutes to succeed by a bus. I've never been able to scale it by a vehicle. The traffic is so beautifully complicated that I overtake several buses even when I walk.

The fastest people in Bangalore are the bikers. Not the fuel ones, mind you.

Anyway, you know you can compare two cities when they have the same first letter. So, I'll be using this God-given right to the fullest. But never in the upcoming posts. The actual stories of B & B will go to the grave with me. Till then, I can't control what my fingers let slip, right? *giggle*

Oh, in closing, I'd like to add that I've collected over seven 50-paise coins in Bhubaneswar. They still use them here. They don't like receiving them back though, strangely. They look at you like they've been offered dung in exchange for their services. Crazy, I tell you!