Behind The Success

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There is a grand purpose to learning the two points discussed below.
SPOILER: It is, forgetting the two points while writing comments on this blog.

There are two amazing things that I think everyone must learn. The most peaceful of people already know this, and the aspiring to be peaceful might stumble upon this sooner, or later!

The first thing is the importance of understanding, how did not the successful become so successful? Do not focus on the steps he might have taken, focus on the steps he has definitely not taken.

My point being, he has not climbed a certain ladder which you were holding first and got blocked by his enormous behind. He has not demotivated you, or physically stopped you from reaching the peak first, or even second. He did it independently, not harming you intentionally, or probably directly as well.

So, relish in the fact that he did what you didn't, and is where you want to be. Respect him for that and appreciate his efforts.

The second thing is the importance of understanding, how does the behavior of others not affect you?
This idea is directly lifted from the teachings of Dalia Lama. It's his quote, and I really want to learn to apply this in my life.

The quote essentially wants you to stop focusing on the behaviors of others and keep your mind on the track. Meddling is neither a necessity, nor very much appreciated by others. If you really care, find a way to help, otherwise, keep smiling and try not be disturbed.

High time to wake up. Very high!

I am renovating this blog to revise my dusty writing skills. There might be times when I'm intolerably bad. Please forget both of the points above and abuse me. I will stick to the two points if I need to, otherwise, I'll try to help myself with the comments!

Also, if you need help beautifying your own blog. Let me know. I'll help you!