To Stand Away

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A multitude of rabbits surround the huge sighing banyan tree and prepare to resume training again. There is no time for large pauses. Life is too short to be cute aimlessly.

The rabbits live to achieve only one ambition- defeating the tortoises.

In this forest called as Mercy, there is no room for late bloomers. Start early or go home.
Every rabbit born is an addition to the probability for victory which rarely comes.

Tortoises have been known to have intelligence that puts the owls to shame and speed that barely surpasses a crawling baby rabbit, yet they always win the Final Showdown.

The rabbits never stop and think about the long term benefits of winning the race. It's just a tradition that keeps going on. The tortoises have no idea about how the race is run. They created an epidemic by winning the first and a system was created.

I am one of those clueless rabbits.

I want to run a race that already had my name registered when I was born. Only because my forefathers were defeated in such a race. Money matters more to me than applicability of what I'm doing. But sometimes popularity is lesser a priority to me than the satisfaction of being right.

I belong to the generation that is being pinned down by a system that is too slow for the modern world, too simplistic for the intricacies involved with the people following the herd and too old to judge the substance in an person challenging the methods of the world.

Only if we'd woken up at the right time.
The point worth noting is, even if the generation has to get out of the ultimate Rabbit-ambition, it has to have a plan. A well-defined aim to pull it out of the common mundane routine and set it apart. To make it the one group of rabbits that runs away from Mercy and attempts to make their own destiny (even if killed in a road accident later!).

We need to fix ourselves and abandon the rabbit coat. Only then will we realize what was lacking. Until we do that, the only thing we'll know perfectly is that we don't know everything.