The Wake-up Siren

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I had my first Ambulance ride today.
I only had time to notice that I had I wasn't alone in the chamber because the instant that can thing took flight, I was knocked out.

Upon my recovery I quickly made an inventory search of the van. I dragged open all the drawers with awesome difficulty and realized that the vacant First-Aid drawer had said it true. There was no First-Aid kit in the van!

In a near panic attack I clutched the handle that comes installed above the windows in every normal car. A split second later, to my utmost horror, I observed that there was no handle. I had a broken tube-light to my share instead.

The Ambulance has to fly, it's the policy. Hence I conferred that the only holy trick I could perform to keep myself intact was to lie flat down on the bench.
Enter the guy with a broken ankle!

His victimized leg had already invaded the comfort of the bench. I gave up trying to stay safe. And then the other guy tried making a short chat which ended in an unsatisfied grunt (from him) on hearing about my ailment.

At once my ego took over and I stepped into Barrack Obama's shoes as I gazed down upon my Ambulance mate. He must assume Mitt Romney's authority. I am in no good posture to win the Election. I have failed America. But Mitt Romney is more pathetic! So I have no fair competition. Hence, the country must succumb to my incapability.

From the core of Fear Files!

Contaminated they are both, but one is better than the other. But when there are more able politicians, why is America still (it never does, but let's assume for the sake of argument!) suffering?
Because talent is never enough?

The University I study in works on the same principle.
Talent is not deficient, but fools are neither.
And this is Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki  as a rustic would zinger.

I don't wish to make this longer, but imagine how well represented India would be if Pranab Mukherjee resigned and A P J Kalam took over again. How many countries do you think have a scientist as a President!
Oh, by the way, I am feeling better now.