Sole Soul?

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I want to paint a picture for you.

Remember the old Charlie Chaplin movies? The black and white stuttering images exposing art in quick successions to compose a motion picture. Everyone knows how complicated video recording was back in those days. And that effort and the style of low frame rate action is what might have made the comedian so famous.

Now suppose you are in such a world, in such a scenario where there the word color hasn't been invented yet. How boring would life be!
Or not!

You might not appreciate the forced change because you know what lacks. You have a clear visual difference of what was and what is, and you wish to be back to where you belonged. It is not absolutely absurd that a person doesn't like his surroundings because he has experienced better. But what if you were born in that world? Would you feel the same way then?

The real question in this situation is, now that you know the difference, would you be willing to broaden your black and white version's scope of thinking?
Perhaps, yes.

Let's come back to our plaintive world. Here, do you know what's lacking?
However hard that heart is impulsing us to assume denial, we know that we are devoid of the knowledge of what's lacking.
On the other hand, even if we accept the fact that our knowledge is only finite, we are unable to observe the subtle hints dropped by agents around us trying to fill the gaps.

People are uncountable. Let's assume them infinite.
And it means that infinite individuals have tried conferring that to you!

Every person has his own tale. Every person talks about an another world.
Every person has their own version in the another world (as according to them).
These warnings, indications they rant about incessantly are their beliefs. They're their religion. Their cult. Their creed. Their destination. Their mythologies that we prefer not to respect.

If we really try to look at this from a seriously broader scope, everyone might be correct and everyone might be wrong. There are infinite possibilities and this exercise only teaches you to respect all of them.

Another way to look at this is that those souls want to believe in something that is out of this world. Something unreal, or real (which makes us unreal in turn!). And this new point of view opens many amazing doors for thought expansion, which I'm too tired to take part in right now (apologies!).

Consider this as my effort to get back after a (very) long pause from the blogging realm! I've made a pact with a friend and I hope it carries!

The world sees a small action
when it looks at me.
I see a magnificent agenda
when I look back at the world.