Raise Your Glass

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Adam sat up suddenly. He was scared.

He squinted his eyes against the bright sunlight entering his room until he felt a hand on his belly. He traced it down to a naked girl sleeping beside him.
Last night he was Voldemort himself. Kyle must be with the other girl.
Adam felt sick about using his cancer to attract the two girls. But he was dying, he deserved this decency from the world.

He had never smoked. Never had fought anyone. Never had broken a heart. Where did all of this decency bring him to?
Death. It depressed him. Not that death wasn't inevitable, it was just too early.

He got out of the bed and slipped out the door quietly. He had a chemotherapy session the following evening.
How convenient it must be for the employed section of the population to keep going to work everyday pulling bright new ideas out of their perfectly normal heads and impressing the rest of the unemployed section.

He took a cool bottle out of the refrigerator and filled his empty glass. He thought of water as a healing fluid.
What did they call it? Immortality!
Funny concept.

He went out in the hall to check on Kyle.
Television was on. He was sitting naked on the couch. And there was the girl.
Kyle noticed him looking and mouthed promptly, 'I fucked her'.
Adam gave him the brightest smile he could manage. His bald face set with a stubborn sadness gave it away but Kyle wasn't as good an observant.

Adam turned away. It was a few days away.
He had a fifty percent chance of staying alive.
He had a fifty percent chance of never being Adam again.
He was scared.

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