Chocolate Tail

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Life is what we make of it. And all the little unmeasurable caprices trailing behind.

Parallel universes (if we believe in them, that is) contain many of our mistakes, lying unmeasurable between the awkward range of conspicuous to clandestine. There are endless possible ways a day can start or end if we come to think about it. What if we apply the same reasoning algorithm to the life's ever so unpredictable future?

One mistake and everyone knows. And sometimes we have to care.
The answer would be the same, endless possible ways a life can start or end.

To excogitate one formula to take decisions that least affect one's life in a harmful manner would be improbable. I realize that harmfulness can be defined in endless ways itself, depending heavily on the person at hand's understanding of his path.

Imagine a situation where the options in the person's hand are expressly working towards the same goal of refining the person but only one interests him. He'd have no doubt ever about his choice.

It does not prove one clever to state that everyone loves the ice-cream filled wafer cone's chocolate tail. But what's important is that we shan't probably never forget the enticing ice-cream part itself.

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