Moment of Realization

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So here I was feeding my 9 months old tortoise Bhola playfully back in my Diwali vacations. After his dinner my mum suddenly decided that he be involved in the Diwali Worships too. We agreed and he was set near the small temple.

Too busy lolling for his favorite food- ladyfingers!
As the preparations exceeded his tolerance limits, Bhola tried to scarper from the scene.
Mum was busy bathing a particular idol when Bhola worked out an escape route and ran off to the door hinge crack (the place where door is connected to the wall generally has a small space along with the hinges) and tried passing through it.
It took us five minutes of hysterical laughter to understand what the poor thing was going through. He was trying to pass through a small crack but had no idea that his shell is way too bigger than his small cute head! The blame was ours, he had never interacted with many tortoises.

This whole episode made me wonder later.
We all are bholas !

We try working out our way through problems without realizing the magnitude of after effects that we are ever carrying on our backs.
Maybe because we are too self involved to study other people of our kind to notice that that magnitude, as a matter of fact, is very large!

The other incredible bholapanti  that we perform is disbelief in ourselves.
We don't really realize that we are bigger than we think we are! We are made for things larger than we expect us to be.
This time if we try studying people around us and find them small and assume us to be small too. Then probably we are with the wrong people!

And if they despise clothes: Very, very wrong people!
We are born to stretch our limits!
Try to remember a scene where you yourself where surprised by your own potential. Was great, wasn't it? That's exactly what Bhola went through, though in a sadder note.

I'll leave it at this. All the best to my friends for the upcoming examinations, I hope this helps! Good day.


  1. hehehe...its funny..childish.. :D

  2. Through a small incidence, u have beautifully propagated a unique thought...Good going Tushar :)