And HU201 Is Still Pissed!

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Afterthought: The part in italics are the thoughts of a proxy professor who's just walked into a busy classroom. The part in normal font describe the students. Makes things simpler now.
She took a deep breath, pulled herself up and walked in through the open door straight into the heart of easily the noisiest room in the corridor.

They all paused in their maneuvers to look up at the woman who had just entered. They knew her! She was one of those new faculties, maybe from the English department! Meaning, she was going to take the course this semester!

She walked up to the desk a bit nervous. The students had gone unnaturally quiet! She helped herself to a quick count of the strength of the class. Sixty-ish maybe?

Suddenly someone remembered that the course was actually in some other faculty’s able hands! It spread like wildfire and in less than a minute everyone had realized 3 things:
1.       She was just a proxy teacher.
2.       She seemed to have all intentions of teaching.
3.       They were Sixty-ish in strength!

She decided to announce it large to the class that she was going to teach something about ‘Memos’ when she felt it building in them. They were going to revolt!

She had some superstitious idea of a classroom etiquette which apparently stated that the teacher was, by all means, required to teach whenever she is in a class. Like how we humans are required to sleep, by all means, whenever comes the nightfall.
Needless to say, the CSKickers recognized none of the two funny rules. She had to go.

They started cutting her off. It was irritating and insulting! She had to stand her ground, but cleverly.

She’d started producing sentences from her book and challenged them to correct the same. 
It was now off limits.

They started shouting more with intensity. Now she had a reputation to maintain. But there was also the question of other rooms being disturbed. After a lot of painful compromising thoughts, she gave it up.

She fell silent after her fake promises were all broken. Didn’t matter much anyway! She was leaving, but not silently.

She took the piece of paper filled with names and started reading them loud to check for any confusion. She had to cancel down some names! She wondered how the original teacher was to handle this batch!

She collected her proud possessions and turned to leave. But she hadn’t come in vain, because now they were all brimming with ideas about how they were going to handle the original teacher!

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