Attributes of a Mass Bunk

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We run haphazardly down towards the corridor we’d sworn an hour earlier we were not going to visit.

It was a predeclared idea.  But there always are some trying-to-be-perfect ideologists breathing down a group’s chest which interestingly is a group who think that they have a new idea and everyone should follow it.
Well in short, every notion has to meet resistance. We had to deal with ours.

So here we are, hurrying, swearing loudly to ourselves. A bunk was all we needed.
Sometimes when it’s too uncomfortable for us to concentrate with the lecturer on a topic, which actually is beneath us if we really attempt to understand it, we announce a mass bunk. 

That's the plan!

It involves top notch management, some will power, and convincing skills along with leadership wisdom and a cool image to actually collect a mass and work towards the bunk. But it all pays off in the end.
When a class actually is bunked successfully and if you roam around unintentionally, you would see a bunch of guys calculating the assets and liabilities they had in their account for the next time. If you stand close enough, you would also see them working out on the procedural errors, possible errors and improbable errors! Cool, isn’t it?

We finally reach the guys who were standing perplexed about the arrangement of the lecture. And here comes the power of character and friendship. The guy closest to them in brotherhood approaches them to talk them out of their amazement and gets them to calm themselves down to sanity.

After an experience and a sweet memory, we walk out of the corridor together dignified. Joyous that we could accomplish one more achievement in addition to the degree we, probably, were getting at the end of our tenure. The leader gets the slap on the back he deserves, and we all disperse informally to bathe in the shining glory we brought for ourselves.


  1. it isnt that simple and successful dude

  2. I know! :(
    Wish it would be! You guys work so hard for it! Sometimes I'm amazed by ur dedication! :D

  3. We put our dedication in such tasks only...don't expect much about studies from us cause....WE ARE CSKICKERS!!!