Drunk Rats; Worried People!

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No-one ever looked so worried at my house than those scurrying little rats.
Always in emergency! Like they were being threatened by someone!
It bothered me the least, but being a part of my home, I had to attend to them.

So I sat down to think, what did they need? They already had everything, shelter, food, safety, comfort. Name it, they had it!
They didn't have big TVs though, but is that necessary?

They can always watch Friends with me! Without touching and all!

They live for living, to them life is a set of tunnels, because whichever way you choose, you end up living in that scenario!
Ever since I've got all the creaks of my floorboard fixed up, they've been enjoying in the light!

Nah, I'm not worried. He is. And he has muscles. Okay that's worrying!

We have changed, evolved, to being worried.
Every species of animals on this planet is now safe. We take care of them.

Funny thing is, the situation is kind of reversed.
Dogs had to worry about waters. They needed to pee for territories and all! But now, they have dog parks! And their owners are trying to survive through their low budget, fitting the doggy's comfort somehow in it!

Its good being worried. I see lots of worry bars, people sitting inside, worrying. About what?
Heavens knows. They just are.

OMG! But rats worry too! About umm the barmaid!

We worry about jobs, girlfriends, family, fitness, mankind! There are so many things if you come to think of it!
Worrying is important, there are uncertainties!
But uncertainty is inevitable, worrying is optional.
What about the pain caused by uncertainties?
Again, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!
Everything has an answer, but worrying isn't the correct one!

I once heard them say, 'You don't give a man's fart, do you?'
Apparently, I didn't worry, I just never farted before them after that!


  1. ahaa , all worry for their own problems , but worried people worry others more! i mean, rats worried about their lives and survival make such a racket in human civilizations that the people get worried, and people worry the rats too , it goes both ways .....haha , no , in short, worried people worry others too ... preventing problems is in our hands ...... but worrying or not worrying .....well thats not ,so carry on people (ah i love commenting big) :D great article :):):)

  2. You always forget one important side when you sit down to think about anything. See this time also you couldn't help your rats out. I believe that some of them are Chef Gusteau's followers. And they believe that ANYONE CAN COOK. You never have given them enough room to prepare food. Give them a day and they'll make some delicious, yummy and muaah Ratatouille. And wait for me before you have it.

  3. Thnx nishtha.. :)
    But worrying is in our hands!
    Imagine, two lawyers argue over a situation, trying to prove opposite of the same event. This is so difficult, each person is determined on his goal. Imagine the kind of potential we all have, we can do anything. Create electricity but more importantly, we create the machines which create electricity!
    Think and achieve ;) Try it!

  4. Oh thnx Yashank! I really don't know what to say!! :D

  5. Yeah you won't know that because you don't speak BLAH like I do.
    I saw some sensible thoughts.