Baba Made A Boo Boo!

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Actions have taken a whole new course as Baba Ramdev unwisely has declared that he will rise an Army of over eleven thousand youth to fight against Government.
What I find amusing is that, in his temper, he hasn't even declared how he intends to do that! Surely rain dance wouldn't be the climax of this extra ordinary plan!

I've been following his deeds for a while but this news, this untoward plan of him, has set the ball rolling against HIM!

This essentially showcases how his ego was hurt by the steps taken by Government to assure Nation's safety (as according to them, I'm not taking sides). Whereas sources report that police only intervened because Baba Ramdev had promised them that he'll be vacating the Ramleela Ground before 4, but he didn't.

See! Wouldn't have been so happy ever since the first Anulom Vilom!

This also gives Baba Ramdev's followers a second thoughts about him, I mean, wasn't he supposed to know how to use his power of great commanding skills. And definitely building an Army isn't the best use of it!
Maybe its time Baba Ramdev has eaten something, food makes one go mad if you ask me! Though I am not suggesting he is! He is fantastic! Attained a lot in his age, more than anyone would imagine!
Seriously, who would have thought that the person who's made passengers waiting on the airport rub their nails in hope to grow some hair would make four ministers rub their slippers on the same airport in hope that he would compromise!

I love how the things are turning out! Now, Anna Hazare has ideas to start a new Anashan if Lokpal isn't in effect before 15th August! Eat this Government! Couple of big shots determine what to do, impact creating mob follow for the cause and those of us who are passionate enough, but in cuffs of responsibilities, spread the news!
Jai Hind!


  1. You do write well... Don't know why people keep themselves away from praising your skills..
    but i believe that you are creative guy with good ideas in mind and a better way to express them..
    Next novel you suggest me will be yours, I wish..

  2. May be they tell you personally how good you are but commenting is a different thing.

  3. Hey thanks Yashank. I dunno about comments. Maybe people are busy, maybe someday else. Sigh! :) But thnx..