When I Fell Ill

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All of us, at some point in our life, have wanted to fall ill. I did too. And suffered heavily with it too!
A little juvenile affair of falling ill with my ongoing End Term Practical Exam. Boy some heavy shit that was!

What no-one understood was, why did I fall ill? Some mysterious force must have been working upon me, because however the 6 tablets tried, they couldn’t get me up on my feet.
They didn’t have any effect on me, neither alleviative, nor palliative.

Eventually, I had to be cured. And I did! At my birthday, on my way to my hometown I got this feeling that maybe, I, am somehow cured of that obnoxious disease.
Wohoo! I did a quick hi-five to myself!

But oh, this discussion isn’t going anywhere!

Being indisposed is awesome! You get all the concern from all those important people who, all of a sudden, start missing your presence everywhere. Though that might come as a nice feeling to you, you start getting bored of staying in bed all the time.
I tried roaming around a bit, but ended up knocking myself unconscious and vomiting all over the bathroom in the hall. Beat that!

The best thing about falling ill can be- You look at your life in a different way. You appreciate life. You appreciate people. You know who cares for you, to what extent. I experienced both joy and pain after falling ill. But the best thing was, I enjoyed my time.
I enjoyed a bit more of life!

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