Imaginary Friend's List

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You see that kid talking to someone beside him, you think he’s kinda cute, you lean to look if it’s his girlfriend he’s talking to, you freak out to see that the space beside him is empty!

So what if he’s got imaginary friend? He’s still a human, a walking humanitarian sample with all the emotions pretty much still intact in him, isn’t he?
Nah, you think it’s stupid!

She's clearly doing it wrong kid!

Why do people talk to themselves?
They’re not mad, one thing for sure!
They’re just more comfortable that way!

We do what we want to do, whatever we like. He likes making invisible friends because he needed one!
And he had to bend to this resort because he didn’t have the courage or the heart to approach out to a real one!

People like these need good company. I’ll not stress that they need help, that would be like saying directly that they are indeed mad, which they are certainly not!
They are just as sane as you and me.

But sometime world spins the wrong way too!

 They just need a good friend like you. Obviously not for the above illustrated purpose!

Go out to that cute little kid, talk to him, and make him forget that he’s diffident, apprehensive about social life. Wash him out of that innocence, turn him into something great. Make him feel good about himself, and watch the invisible friend disappear!
Wait, he’s invisible, and unwatchable. And already has disappeared!
 Umm tell you what? Just read between the lines, don’t go into the literal words.

Off you go now. Somebody somewhere needs you! Really! And that someone is desperately waiting for you to enter into their sloppy life to make it heaven.
Goodnight! Pip-pip!


  1. too.
    And now i think people will go out with those who have imaginary friends in real world.. But one more side you should have talked of.
    You can request your friends to be with those who have real people as friends on an imaginary world like a social networking site..

  2. Yo! Thnx Yashank!
    You are right, though, about people on SNS, it's not the actual world, we have to get out of our rooms to breathe, taste, and hear our real friends! Hope the 'gen' gets that! It's nice you pointed out!