Imaginary Friend's List

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You see that kid talking to someone beside him, you think he’s kinda cute, you lean to look if it’s his girlfriend he’s talking to, you freak out to see that the space beside him is empty!

So what if he’s got imaginary friend? He’s still a human, a walking humanitarian sample with all the emotions pretty much still intact in him, isn’t he?
Nah, you think it’s stupid!

She's clearly doing it wrong kid!

Why do people talk to themselves?
They’re not mad, one thing for sure!
They’re just more comfortable that way!

We do what we want to do, whatever we like. He likes making invisible friends because he needed one!
And he had to bend to this resort because he didn’t have the courage or the heart to approach out to a real one!

People like these need good company. I’ll not stress that they need help, that would be like saying directly that they are indeed mad, which they are certainly not!
They are just as sane as you and me.

But sometime world spins the wrong way too!

 They just need a good friend like you. Obviously not for the above illustrated purpose!

Go out to that cute little kid, talk to him, and make him forget that he’s diffident, apprehensive about social life. Wash him out of that innocence, turn him into something great. Make him feel good about himself, and watch the invisible friend disappear!
Wait, he’s invisible, and unwatchable. And already has disappeared!
 Umm tell you what? Just read between the lines, don’t go into the literal words.

Off you go now. Somebody somewhere needs you! Really! And that someone is desperately waiting for you to enter into their sloppy life to make it heaven.
Goodnight! Pip-pip!

When I Fell Ill

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All of us, at some point in our life, have wanted to fall ill. I did too. And suffered heavily with it too!
A little juvenile affair of falling ill with my ongoing End Term Practical Exam. Boy some heavy shit that was!

What no-one understood was, why did I fall ill? Some mysterious force must have been working upon me, because however the 6 tablets tried, they couldn’t get me up on my feet.
They didn’t have any effect on me, neither alleviative, nor palliative.

Eventually, I had to be cured. And I did! At my birthday, on my way to my hometown I got this feeling that maybe, I, am somehow cured of that obnoxious disease.
Wohoo! I did a quick hi-five to myself!

But oh, this discussion isn’t going anywhere!

Being indisposed is awesome! You get all the concern from all those important people who, all of a sudden, start missing your presence everywhere. Though that might come as a nice feeling to you, you start getting bored of staying in bed all the time.
I tried roaming around a bit, but ended up knocking myself unconscious and vomiting all over the bathroom in the hall. Beat that!

The best thing about falling ill can be- You look at your life in a different way. You appreciate life. You appreciate people. You know who cares for you, to what extent. I experienced both joy and pain after falling ill. But the best thing was, I enjoyed my time.
I enjoyed a bit more of life!

Hello Everyone, again!

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Its been three months together!
Time passed by.

Now, I've made a few changes to the blog.
 1. I've created a Facebook page for the blog, please do check it out and leave your valuable suggestions.
And please do like the page to stay connected!

2. I've changed the layout of the blog a bit.
For example, there's this new 'share' button to directly share the post with your friends on Facebook, please do use it. And many more small changes have been applied.
Oh and I'll soon be expanding the blog, wait for it!

2. I've changed the url address of this blog.
The new one being
Please note the same.

3. I want to reach out to all the readers out there. Please talk to me, it'll be great. I want to improve and extend my potential and make this blog widely loved. Help me out please!

That's all for today! I'll keep posting and you all be with me, its all I can ask for.
God bless you all for reading me out, I'm really glad to have you all around. Without you all, this blog would be just another piece of neglected dream that I had the courage of dreaming.

Thanks. Have a wonderful day.