What is really behind a Company's vision?

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I’m thinking it out loud hoping it would help me understand it better.

Looks titanic, doesn't it?

Let's start with a big company, for example, Cognizant.  It claims so many things in its vision!
It is visionary.
So what? Isn’t that vision just something created to lure the mega companies to avail their services? Or is it just an attempt to really talk about what Cognizant wants to do? I inwardly doubt at its intentions. Invariably the company wants to reach the pinnacle of corporate industry. Unequivocally the owner of Cognizant started this organization to fill his bank account.

So what are the factors that make us decide what to talk about our company as? Meaning that if I start a company myself (that would be so great!), what would I tell my employers to make them work hard? Should I plainly motivate them or should I tell them that we all should work hard because we want to see ourselves in the top ten list of millionaires? Maybe the good thing would be to develop my motto of keeping my company alive. That would also help me gain fame. 
For example, the above mentioned company, Cognizant hasn’t made any effort to reach out to a confused entrepreneur, unlike Infosys which shares their sustainably reports, replete with nonsense information trying to assure a common person of how it would never fail in robbing them. No offense to anyone because I also agree that they provide quality service in return.
But there we go again! How can I comment on the service of the company if I have not tested it myself?
From its success reports. And who provides them? 
The company!
I like Infosys' style.

A display of awards on Infosys' about me

So if I come to the point, no company ever truly leaks their express reason behind existing. But it doesn’t mean that they are blatant liars! They just don’t tell you the basic truth when they proudly talk about every other glorifying aspect. That is smartness. Which implies that apart from the whole building up the Company struggle, the leading companies also give an equal importance to this ‘about us’ section. And from what I see, it helps!


  1. well, a company's basic and principal objective is to earn profits, its a fact , that is why they set it up, afterwards come the other objectives like organization, personal, social and economical, all is directed towards money, a good company is the one that can actually use its marketing skills for its spectacular or even unnecessary services, goods or ideas that it produces , it just takes a practical brain and huge confidence .

  2. Whatever you said is also worth noting.. :) Thnx!