A Stranger Tide

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A time will come, when you will want to talk to some stranger. No-one else, not your lover, not your friend, no parents, no shrinks! Just a simple stranger.

At that time, you can always turn to this blog for help.
I’ve enabled commenting as Anonymous. Just type in a comment, me or some anonymous will surely reply!
There you go! Job done. 

And the stranger is confused!

What I think is that at that time you should sit back, pack up everything around you, or leave it in a mess, and close your eyes and think.
Listen to your heart. Listen to brain. Listen to your heartbeats. Listen to your memories.
And that will do the magic!

You will have a Tsunami of help flooding in!
Waves over waves of thoughts will fly through your mind. But you have to try to keep your mind blank.

Try it now. Continue reading later.
Start now. Seriously!
I’m not joking.
Stop everything right now and dream.
Dream of a blankness with your eyes open.

Close them and stay blank, totally blank for 1 minute. Look deep into your eyelids to help yourself!
The minute starts now.

Umm maybe this guy didn't 'think' at all!

To those who did it, you might have felt the weight.
To those who didn’t, it wasn’t my loss at all!

Now, I believe you tried doing it. And failed?
Staying blank is difficult but at the same time is the simplest way to relax!
Spending time with oneself is equally important! So try increasing the investing time.

Piggy snorts make much more sense!

Always collect your thoughts and keep them with you.
I’ve written enough, your experience will teach you better.
Happy Meditating!


  1. You know how hard it is to keep the mind blank?
    I used to think I was pretty okay, till I realised that 'stop thinking' is also a thought. :P But I think you dont need to stop thinking to meditate, but maybe channel your thoughts where you dont usually take them. :P

  2. Yes! U are right! Meditating is easy if u imagine think about something that u find soothing!
    Imagine sitting on a sea shore, calm waves keeping u awake yet asleep, in an alpha state.
    But not thinking is really effective, it forces us to be fresh after we open our eyes, bcos our chain of thoughts is broken, we're then bound start fresh! :D

  3. I used to always try to explore a labyrinth that led to some light at the core. It seemed to work for me. :P
    You're right though, it isnt as relaxing.

  4. Hmm.. Don't u get tired of exploring? It might add up to uneasiness?

  5. No see, I always thought of it as an exploration of my own self. So, it meant that I was finding my own core, and getting in touch with it, every day. (Admittedly, it was some two years ago and I was a somewhat pretentious kid, so... :D)

  6. Hmm.. So now I understand! Cool! :D