The frogs in the crack

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At the end of the tiring day I was walking down across the football field towards my room when I looked at the newly constructed footpath around it replete with footsteps.

Yep, this is not our college's picture!

Now these footsteps had few frogs jumping around. And they were a fine example of what I’ve always been thinking about! Suppose there’s this frog which was born in a crack (joining two footsteps) at the ground. He must have been a tadpole playing around in that crack, in a small puddle of water. Now after that taddy grows up, he’ll be changing into a fully fledged muscular frog. This frog will still jump around his hood. With his nigga fellows gang. This froggy will then live his entire life fooling around that footstep! Or maybe he’ll roam around too, but he can’t ever leave the football field!

Imagine us as that helpless frog! We come into this world.
Oh I really don’t understand what I was thinking while stepping in this world! What did I suppose it’d be like?
I mean, the Almighty must have asked me, pointing towards a globe out of the million, ‘This world?’
I’m sure I must have shrugged, ‘Yeah, I guess!’

So we come into this world, live in that crack growing up. Then after we grow up, umm what do we do?
Roam around? No!
We like to be pushed around, we need a job. A stagnant, substantial job!
And if that job makes us go somewhere then its fine. Or else, to heck with exploring around, let’s just sit for a while!

Who's the fool now?

We crawl through that footstep! Pant a little, cry out of frustration, then start walking again!
We have to find a way out! There’s so much to explore!
Let’s ZOOM out!
Whoosh, out of this university.
Whoosh, out of this area.
Whoosh, this city!
This state!
And we see other states!
Whoosh, out of this country!
Whoa! There’s China! Japan! England! America!
Whoosh, out of this globe!
There’s the Moon! Sun! Mars!

"Hey there!"

There is so much to think about! And all we are concerned about is this situation we are in.
It’s not gonna change if we don’t take a stand.
Think about what you want to be?
Think about what you always wanted to be?
I wanted to write this blog, and I-freaking-am doing it!

Umm yeah, bad example. My bad!

Do something, walk in and out of your room for the entire night!
Think! Think! And keep thinking. Life is really really short. But we are larger than those tadpoles!

Death does suck. But this guy sucks more!
Cheers and keep thinking!


  1. So inspiring and fun. :)
    Where are the images from?

  2. Hey Hi!
    Hehe Images? I dnt have the source, google images takes the credit!
    Thnx :D

  3. They look very xkcd. :D
    That's why I asked. :)

  4. dude...!!! this is what i brood hard about all the time!!!! just not the tadpoles though....haha, but seriously, we run for the things that are material , things that we made ourselves and we then expect money and is a good thing but art is a greater one...and is something u dont have to run after...u already have it!!! the world has so much more than just this stress-zone.....and we have unknowingly made ourselves restricted to thinking not beyond that!!! lol, not a great comment, lol, or say "essay" but hey, its ur blog u worked on, without stressing yourself, cz its ur art :) great one , a way to escape the material is art and this one is a simple yet very inspiring work of you, nice pictures :) !!!

  5. Thnx for the comment! Dnt worry abt essay types, I read them all! :D

  6. here comes my first comment.... dude i seriously needed this thing....something to cheer and be happy about..gargava thanks to u

  7. Hey Siddharth- Anytime yaar! :)
    Shlok- Thnx man! ;)

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  9. gud thought...nd nishtha is also..gud about her comments..

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  13. Arre haan, Yashank forgot to say something, Perception of reality is more important than the reality itself..

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