His plane crash

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Why the hurry? Bang, his reply would be, 'I have a plane crash to attend to!'

Horror lit his eyes beyond imagination. Maybe he was thinking about death. He can’t be blamed, what would a normal person do if he had one breakup, many misunderstandings, infinite lies and a death to cover?
He was dying of heart failure. His heart was always a weak one, though he never let that out.

All he did was love a girl back, be faithful to his parents, keep his friends motivated and be a wonderful person to everyone else. Oh and one more thing, he never ever revealed about his dying condition!
No-one could remember if they’d ever seen him dull! He always was excited and energetic!
The girl now understood, the friends now were by his side, he had lied to them about his condition, but he needed them more than ever.

It must be so painful for him to lie on that hospital bed!
Constantly counting seconds, breaths, chirrups, beeps around him.

The horror that filled his eyes was so sorrowful! He was afraid, intensively afraid to leave.
The beeps sped up a bit, panic stirred the room.

Then it started happening!
He grabbed hold of his sheets tightly. Two hands held them instead.
Sweat lined up his face, mixing with tears.
He tried to talk; the nurse stuffed him with an injection instantly.
The holding hands kept slipping due to sweat.
Some people tried to smile at him; he induced the same red hot fear in them.

We live to live, he lived to die.
Turning his terrible face, panting heavily he cried for help! Prayed to his dumbfounded friends to save him! Prayed to God to let him live! And continued sobbing.
Everyone in the room wanted to help him and love for him was flowing like sweet nectar of a rose petal!

It was then when without warning, he left.
His plane had crashed!

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