A deserving take on Miss Justin Bieber

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WARNING- I do not doubt the existence of God and am not turning you all against Him in this article. So please don’t develop a negative image of me after reading this. And all Bieber lovers are rudely requested in advance to stay out of this and resume admiring pictures of fluffy pink cats.

I don't understand his hand gesture!
But as they say, it's difficult to understand women!

We all know this epileptically tortured singer who brays so widely that all the saint donkeys hide themselves so as not to look like the culprit of the mass havoc else they be slaughtered in their sleep by the nauseated appreciators of fine music.  Every time I hear someone tuning out his set of speakers, fiddling with the treble or bass knobs, my stomach lurches at the mistaken sound of Miss Bieber coming out of the magnetic vibrators teased into insanity!
Why does he exist?
Why isn’t someone pulling his pants off in front of an international television show to prove that he is a normal underage girl going through her puberty?
Umm this was off the handle, that attempt would be termed as vulgarity, and anyway it would be such a shame to the female community, if or even if not he be proved feminine!
Oh and why am I still denoting her as he!!

Frankly, I don’t have any mutual grudges with him but when his voice spills out of his larynx, the air around me seems to churn out some invisible harmless gas enveloping my brains, lest I die oozing out all my Cerebro Spinal Fluid due to the hum produced by my innocent gray cells!

 I can ask him so many questions given the chance!
Why on earth is he more famous than David Archuleta who finished as a runner up in 2008’s American Idol receiving 44% of the 97 million votes sent to the show? David incidentally is also a decent song-writer, is better talented than Bieber and also looks cuter than Bieber! Seriously, David is cute! 

One of the youngest contestant featured in American Idol 7

Coming back to Bieber. Why was Bieber showcased in a movie when there are better actors than him struggling to surface to fame?
Why is he considered at all?

One answer that defies all attacks of blames showered down on him.
Mind you, think as you may, he sings well. But doesn’t deserve the attention he is attracting.

And to all the Bieber lovers out there, I don’t give a heck to what you feel about him, though I respect your humanity to fall for such an alien wonder.
 I cringe at the thought of seeing him in person. I’d faint out of sickness!
But really, no offense to anyone, not even him.

Need I say anything more?

 PS- Sarcastic remarks on him will be happily welcome!


  1. Well, I don't have a Bieber fever nor have I ever fallen for him but i really appreciate this artist for he has never given a "heck" to whatever the common people are yapping about him. He is a hard worker and deserves where he is. HE was discovered by Usher. He met Justin - a fan- and listened to him. Usher himself is an artist and judged him better than at least those who do not know any music. Bieber dances well. Anyways, hating a guy just because of his voice (which is not that bad) is as stupid as loving a downright stupid girl who's voice is like a base drum. People like him because he writes good, sings really well and works for the society too. As far as not giving a "heck" to what his fans think, well, i am sorry but you really cannot even give it a heck , 'cause the love, fame and capital he has earned is something we haven't touched. I would like you to listen to Rebecca Black if you doubt REAL music. Justin is more famous than David because of a brain that understands show business. David writes good but nothing about him has "spunk" ( for clever-classic writers). Fame doesn't just mean a cute face and classic lyrics. Biebers got new ideas, good looks, great music and a better communication with fans. The guy is where he is and deserves to be there because he , like other teens, is not wasting time making fun of another budding artist and his activities. He stands strong and is successful. No offense but this is what a REAL music lover, who understands music, logic and people, had to say.

  2. Cmon, read about him. I did before writing. He was taken to usher by some fellow friend, not exactly founded by "Usher". His voice is not good at all, its just his baby voice, every third girl has voice like him. Repeating baby-baby fifteen times is not an example of a good song! Listen to Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin! That is song writing! And anyway what does a guy of 15-16 know about love? How can he ever pour emotions into his songs? He shot to fame because of people like me! We the criticizers are making him famous! And for your information David as been winning awards, real awards. He is more mature than this kid, and I was referring to cuteness because some freaks like bieber because they think he is cute! Like I said, he doesn't deserve the fame he has got acquainted with.

  3. as i said before, davids songs are good, but have no funk . he maybe winning awards but biebers is in, no matter what people say, he works well! if a huge population likes him doesnt mean that that huge population is dumb. and as i said before, clever-classic words are not the only key to a singers success , its a lot more than that in this time. bieber combines his fields well. however and wherever he is ,is something people dream of, he sang baby baby 15 times, ohk, yea he did, but know what,it got him places, broke records and the song was cute, some think its stupid, some find it great, but he is not in the dim light, criticizers or whatever made him stand where he is and he continues with his work without giving a damn. todays industry doesnt work with people who are mature , who fill emotions and make people cry or laugh at DEEEEEEEP lyrics they wrote or whatever, what works is music that attracts. call michael jackson dumb then . he had a voice like a woman till the time he died, he even got his hormones altered so that his voice stays that way. we do respect GOOD WRITING but that is not what works each time. this obviously does not mean people out there , liking a new , different personality are freaks :)

  4. nope, i consider him because he actually is a cool artist. and knows how to make it to bis places, i admire the songs and also the skills of excelling positively in-spite of anything and everything . nice article though. :)

  5. All that matters is talent. He not talented in music, but maybe talented otherwise, he compares himself to Kurt Cobain and music stars, that's not cool at all. I don't like him as a singer, and I wrote this article for general humor, please don't take it so seriously.
    And even if hell broke loose, I won't like this guy. Having such music legends to choose from, it would be utterly foolish of me to listen to his crap. :P

  6. well and i will continue appreciating the talent he has, lol, no 1 forced you. thank you!
    and yea, nothing taken seriously , puhleeees! :)