The Boys' Toilet

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WARNING: I don’t mean any harm to any single soul in this universe. This is a work purely intended for light humor.

Sometimes I wish there was a device that would never need me find and visit a loo to help me relieve myself. But then it strikes me, what fun would that be?

So here I was, in a cubicle, lamenting upon my drooping eyes due to sleep, and heaving sighs of relief with the flow, when I suddenly realized that there was someone looking at me! I turned slightly to notice that it was Siddharth.
Ideally we should have exchanged good mornings going back to minding our own stream of thoughts but instead Siddharth wriggled his way out of the routine. And all he said was, “The boys' toilet, you should write a blog post on it!”
For a second it seemed that someone had brought me face to face with the truth about life! How bright I had felt after that!

The boy’s toilet chiefly consists of two things, boys and toilets. Boys are just material necessities, humans! It’s the toilets that matter.
Oops, I’m not being polite! I shouldn’t be discussing this!
Anyway, the most attractive things you can find in a specific boys restroom, apart from the boys themselves, are the wall graffiti, the awkward silence or the excited chattering!

Oh I love graffiti!
A normal wall graffito can vary from being totally educational to entirely emotional.
A lover carves out his feelings on the tainted canvas not worrying about anything writing about the girl in concern. Later readers enrich themselves to their fullest.
A cheater copying down extracts from a textbook never expresses anything out of his own mind, but still all the passer bys get the idea of his pain and sorrows.
Check out some of them if you get to, but be safe while adding comments!

The behavior conducted in a boy’s restroom is hasty.
Self help is the best help is seen to be observed in there. People come and go, contemplating something all the while. Or else talking about issues that could result to a better world!
The meaning of life is redefined in a boy’s restroom. It is a sacred place for the reunion of mind and soul, for if there is restlessness, you can’t concentrate!

What should you watch out for in a boy’s toilet?
Nothing! Haven’t you heard the latest? Thou shall not act gay.
But if it’s a girl entering into the den of the sleeping rascals! Beware: everything should be watched out for!

This was me, trying my best not to gross you out by stating the obvious. What else did you think happened there?
Think straight. As straight as motion of the sun.


  1. Yashank---Where is the LIKE option???? Light humor?
    Lolam lol thai gayu.But sigh, why didn't Siddharth-mistakenly- utter the gir's toilet???
    Well it reminds me of an accident that I'd met with in our very own IIT-A's Gent's Toilet. I just had doubted a man, say uncle, who came out of the toilet while I was entering it. If I'm not wrong, no one was inside. I was performing my preferred task and someone was standing behind me..
    Woaaahhhhh..... Uncle!!!!!
    Why he's back???? why he's staring at me???
    Oh shit!!!! Was I right to doubt him???
    oh no....oh yeah...I was right...
    Uncle: kai school ma bhane chhe tu???
    Me: Zenith...
    stops talking.
    arre bhai, what happened?? why am i being stared??
    oh..come on..let me complete and run...and that's what i did..I saved my life.. haash..bachi gayo.. wo hadsa main kabhi nahi bhulunga... :D

  2. Hahaha! Yashank, you had met a violator of the commandment: thou shall not act gay. Don't worry, he shall perish in hell till eternity! Lol! :D

  3. Siddharth Parashar10 April 2011 at 12:49

    Great...again a very Unusual but usual topic...and you explained it in right manner.

  4. Thnx Siddharth! :D