Think before you leap!

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Think carefully.
Don’t go blundering into some wall of facts without any idea of what you might break through. There can be two ways of doing this. First, pre-decide on the action you are going to take, or make up plans as you work through them.

Deciding beforehand can be pretty tough! I mean, you have to take every single thing into consideration which can add up to the dilemma, because sometimes you have no inkling of what could result for what!
And many a times, we tarry this whole process of making the walkthrough, fearing the long procedure of undergoing through it.
Talk about following it!

Thinking on the spot is what major people do in our generation; it comes in handy but can be disastrous. Imagine the diplomatic arguments it generates because of defending the piece the person in concern utters in flow! It becomes tiresome after a stage.

The last way that I intentionally didn’t count is thinking after acting! This is the most dangerous and horrendous of all! I don’t have to talk on it, we all understand the gravity of the situation it puts us in. C’mon! We all follow this damn thing!
We are all sinking! The sickness is engulfing us in and we don’t know yet! (Even I don’t!)

I’ve been negative in stating the obvious points but I have faith on the readers that they would connect the dots and make it useful. Have fun braining.

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