Plausibly transparent

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Your friend gives you a knowing look and everything falls in place. You realize everything.
This has happened to lot of us in our lives, sometime, somewhere. And is pretty convenient too. But what about the rest of the group lagging behind on the news?
Real mature guys! Don’t tell us, we wouldn’t mind, just don’t expect us to not be so secretive the next time you stand beside us.
Believe me; this feeling is exactly like when you slide off a slide to land in a puddle of mud! You want to tear apart the whole world in rage!

The person you trust wholeheartedly, would never deceive you. But we have the chance of exploring their faith, don’t we?
Life is short to live with regrets, and keeping it simple is the rule. Living transparently would be so less complex. Guilt free. Hassle free.

So what’s stopping us?
The general mentality of people around us. If they would try to be us and understand the way we are experiencing the situation in our circumstance, then they would be called cool and easy-to-share-things-with person. Otherwise, it’s better living off without them knowing anything. And I would go beyond that, it’s better to live off without the person near you! Throw them away like a disease clinging for future death of your generation carrying prospective objects!

If you are lucky enough to have a person who is super cool with emotions or really understanding in nature and is transparent himself/herself, then I suppose you can be intimately transparent to them too.
The person would also appreciate it. And who knows this might end up hesitation between the pair!
Being transparent is a gesture of expressing to the other person that you completely have faith on them and appreciate their presence in your life.

Only if people were made of glass, no-one would have the heart to shatters someone else’s!


  1. Transparent people are often called tactless and rude. :P
    I agree, life would be a lot easier with transparency, but only if all the thoughts people thought were good.
    Otherwise, it might be better to just not know than know and be unhappy. :P

  2. @sakhi- What I really think is that you need only be transparent to the person you think will be able to handle your thoughts. So it basically depends on the type of the person you are dealing with. Better not to know and be happy works with delicate hearts, but we always have the way of improving the reality we can tell them. Just simple magic of words ;) Keep commenting! :)

  3. Well, if you can find a person who'd be able to handle all your thoughts and still want to talk to you, yes, then transparency is the BEST way of life. :)
    And keep writing. :)

  4. when you are transparent you actually trust people! and know what? they trust you too! and are not the-over-clever-gonna-do-you -bad kinds!! i mean, what goes around comes around, u are selfless and the world does the same to you, that's what i got till now in the 18 year journey ..... people are wonderful....if you are...