Just a little something about time

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So what would happen to you? Looked at the future lately?

What fun would it be if you knew what was going to happen before it happens, the time vortex is self bound by all the complications that you can think of and also the ones you cannot imagine.
Don't try imagining them, you can't.
Stop doing it! Seriously. You can't.

So what next? Sit and wait around?
Yes. For the time being, start learning to be patient. Think of the time an expecting mother spends in anxiety trying to predict the child that hasn't entered this world yet. He might be in some other world in form of an energy or a globular spirit creature you see in mythological movies. Or maybe he might be in the arch or the rift between the void and this fully functional world. Or maybe he just might already be in the fetus yelling his heads off! Wait, I'm getting sidetracked here!
Right, you have to be patient.

Patience is a key, wait and watch.
Make them seem all normal as they might be, but you just cannot mess with the world around you, it still works, senses and reads your actions and changes accordingly.
So when you try to change the future of an event or any individual, all you do is meddle with the complexities of his alternate futures and send him blindingly into the parallel universes letting him find his own world at ease.

Whew! No wonder this time thing is so heavy! The ticks never leave your mind!

Listen closely and you shall always hear,
A clock nearby, ticking fast,
Changing the time as we ignorantly call it.

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