Aglet? Not your concern.

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I was walking down the road when suddenly I had this urge to stoop and tug at the aglets of my shoelaces for no reason at all.
It was then when I realized how neglected the aglet was!

Aglet. The tip of any such ribbon or lace used for tying materials that wouldn't have been of much use to you had it not been this blessed little invention.

So why am I writing about aglet all of a sudden?
It ought not be so close but I really think we all should try to visualize ourselves as the aglets in a particular event of utmost importance to you where your importance wasn't marked as you desired it to be.

Do you know what happens if the aglet in your pajama surrenders from living this life of obscurity?
It leaves you naked! Literally. You are nothing without it. Are you supposed to survive, do your chores clenching your bottoms above your stomach?

Don't worry if you didn't get the recognition. Because there might be people observing and admiring you. Or maybe writing about you!

Fret not if it's not about you,
For in the oblivion, imagine what an aglet would do!