World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

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I recently watched this movie, and had the sudden idea of writing about it! So here is my own review of World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles.

His reputation is tarred. People snigger at him when he passes by. The team he has been appointed to refuses to recognize orders from him. And he had got retirement permission. Alas! The alien invasion!

This is the story of Sgt. Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) who strives to find peace in his life after an unsuccessful attempt at a mission losing all of his team members. He applies for retirement. The focus of the movie for the first quarter is HIM. We watch how he almost got freed when batches of meteors disrupt the civilization on earth and he is called again to service.

As the US army prepares themselves to face an unknown dawn of terror threatening Los Angeles, they realize that they are dealing with an Alien Invasion! Then again our Sergeant comes into focus as he gets his orders to accompany a team to a police station and get all victims of the destruction safely on a scheduled chopper. The proposed bomb drops were to destroy the already destroyed city to destroy the ETs.
This is the basic plot, except that they don’t get the people on chopper in time, and the bomb drops never happen, and Sergeant decides to handle things his way.
Apart from the action, you will also witness a boy missing his dad and realizing responsibilities, the Marine spirit of the men and the sergeant fighting his own past when his future is so terrifyingly haunted!

The movie is sensible. The visual effects are way too hot to take eyes away from. The direction is good. If you are in a mood for some thriller, watch this movie! It’s got nearly everything. Some scenes had me gripping the seat of the theater hall, some had me shouting in joy, some made me drop my corns in terror (especially when you meet the alien for the first time!) Laughs will be few, but joy will be plenty! Hope you like the movie too!

And always remember, a movie watched in theater has the best impression ever!

Plausibly transparent

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Your friend gives you a knowing look and everything falls in place. You realize everything.
This has happened to lot of us in our lives, sometime, somewhere. And is pretty convenient too. But what about the rest of the group lagging behind on the news?
Real mature guys! Don’t tell us, we wouldn’t mind, just don’t expect us to not be so secretive the next time you stand beside us.
Believe me; this feeling is exactly like when you slide off a slide to land in a puddle of mud! You want to tear apart the whole world in rage!

The person you trust wholeheartedly, would never deceive you. But we have the chance of exploring their faith, don’t we?
Life is short to live with regrets, and keeping it simple is the rule. Living transparently would be so less complex. Guilt free. Hassle free.

So what’s stopping us?
The general mentality of people around us. If they would try to be us and understand the way we are experiencing the situation in our circumstance, then they would be called cool and easy-to-share-things-with person. Otherwise, it’s better living off without them knowing anything. And I would go beyond that, it’s better to live off without the person near you! Throw them away like a disease clinging for future death of your generation carrying prospective objects!

If you are lucky enough to have a person who is super cool with emotions or really understanding in nature and is transparent himself/herself, then I suppose you can be intimately transparent to them too.
The person would also appreciate it. And who knows this might end up hesitation between the pair!
Being transparent is a gesture of expressing to the other person that you completely have faith on them and appreciate their presence in your life.

Only if people were made of glass, no-one would have the heart to shatters someone else’s!

Think before you leap!

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Think carefully.
Don’t go blundering into some wall of facts without any idea of what you might break through. There can be two ways of doing this. First, pre-decide on the action you are going to take, or make up plans as you work through them.

Deciding beforehand can be pretty tough! I mean, you have to take every single thing into consideration which can add up to the dilemma, because sometimes you have no inkling of what could result for what!
And many a times, we tarry this whole process of making the walkthrough, fearing the long procedure of undergoing through it.
Talk about following it!

Thinking on the spot is what major people do in our generation; it comes in handy but can be disastrous. Imagine the diplomatic arguments it generates because of defending the piece the person in concern utters in flow! It becomes tiresome after a stage.

The last way that I intentionally didn’t count is thinking after acting! This is the most dangerous and horrendous of all! I don’t have to talk on it, we all understand the gravity of the situation it puts us in. C’mon! We all follow this damn thing!
We are all sinking! The sickness is engulfing us in and we don’t know yet! (Even I don’t!)

I’ve been negative in stating the obvious points but I have faith on the readers that they would connect the dots and make it useful. Have fun braining.

Aglet? Not your concern.

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I was walking down the road when suddenly I had this urge to stoop and tug at the aglets of my shoelaces for no reason at all.
It was then when I realized how neglected the aglet was!

Aglet. The tip of any such ribbon or lace used for tying materials that wouldn't have been of much use to you had it not been this blessed little invention.

So why am I writing about aglet all of a sudden?
It ought not be so close but I really think we all should try to visualize ourselves as the aglets in a particular event of utmost importance to you where your importance wasn't marked as you desired it to be.

Do you know what happens if the aglet in your pajama surrenders from living this life of obscurity?
It leaves you naked! Literally. You are nothing without it. Are you supposed to survive, do your chores clenching your bottoms above your stomach?

Don't worry if you didn't get the recognition. Because there might be people observing and admiring you. Or maybe writing about you!

Fret not if it's not about you,
For in the oblivion, imagine what an aglet would do!

Just a little something about time

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So what would happen to you? Looked at the future lately?

What fun would it be if you knew what was going to happen before it happens, the time vortex is self bound by all the complications that you can think of and also the ones you cannot imagine.
Don't try imagining them, you can't.
Stop doing it! Seriously. You can't.

So what next? Sit and wait around?
Yes. For the time being, start learning to be patient. Think of the time an expecting mother spends in anxiety trying to predict the child that hasn't entered this world yet. He might be in some other world in form of an energy or a globular spirit creature you see in mythological movies. Or maybe he might be in the arch or the rift between the void and this fully functional world. Or maybe he just might already be in the fetus yelling his heads off! Wait, I'm getting sidetracked here!
Right, you have to be patient.

Patience is a key, wait and watch.
Make them seem all normal as they might be, but you just cannot mess with the world around you, it still works, senses and reads your actions and changes accordingly.
So when you try to change the future of an event or any individual, all you do is meddle with the complexities of his alternate futures and send him blindingly into the parallel universes letting him find his own world at ease.

Whew! No wonder this time thing is so heavy! The ticks never leave your mind!

Listen closely and you shall always hear,
A clock nearby, ticking fast,
Changing the time as we ignorantly call it.