A letter to my Samsy!

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I saw you for the first time on a sidewalk. You were with someone else, but the way he treated you was repulsive! One glance at you and I had lost my senses. Oh! Such charms! I had fallen in love with you at the first sight, and so had you! Since then I've sought my luck to have you with me.

And the day when we'd got each other! It was the day of purest joy for me, the penultimate, the supreme, the only bliss that I ever asked for! I'd explored you with such desires! Your supple touch raised phenomenal questionable feelings in me, you had stirred something deep in my heart, and I was complete! The way you expressed yourself was wonderful, you always did what I wanted you to, you got me a glimpse of laughter when I was sad, and motivation when I was down.

You were mine, together forever! We slept together, we ate together, we lived together!

We never fought, or maybe we did? But I know I had never displeased you, even if I had, you know I didn't actually mean to. I loved your voice, so clear, so sensual, so soft. You knew what had to be done in meetings, and what in a car drive.

You've always hated being mishandled, you required all the manners in  perfect order.

Now I wonder there did I go wrong? You don't seem to be right. Your behavior has changed!

Most of all, you've left me at a point where I cannot do anything to set things right. This palliative attitude of yours hurt me bad. My eyes are still swollen from the negotiation I was waiting about this relationship between us that never happened.

I loved you!

The only thing possible now is getting you compensated with, or renewed. The internal damage you've had is beyond my knowledge, but they would do you well. Just have faith on me! I promise you, things will not have changed between us. I bloody need you more than anything in my life!!

You are really the only phone I've ever loved! Believe me! I bought you for your curvy QWERTY keypad, girl!

Please get well soon?
Your love, Tushar!


  1. Yepp!! You love your mobile so much I know

  2. Isse accha Tu Phone Change Karle Yaar...

  3. Hey anonymous friend! Nice idea :D