Here we go again!

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And the day is ending. I wondered over the blog and the more I thought about it, more it became important to be given attention.
Now I can write something inspirational here which would make someone break someone's neck or make someone have a neck of doing something impossible that they might not have done without the real motivation! Or I can write the usual gibberish like I am doing right now!

The point is that is the generation so blind that they would meekly follow everything they've been provided with?
Maybe yes!

A fine example- I once came across a picture of an egg on the internet, below it was written "an egg". Now you might be confused, what's so funny in this? Okay, nothing is funny, but what people don't notice is that, internet is silently killing our common sense, we actually read the title of the egg!

Nowadays people when visit someplace and see something, the first thing they do is check the caption, even when the kid is pulling them away -'Mom they're just some stupid paintings!' and the mom retorts back -'But I've got to read the caption!'
It would be better if the mom looked at the painting and analyzed it in her way! It would automatically enhance the enigmatic magic behind it.

When the person actually thinks about something and comes to the conclusion himself, it does much better to him; and his brain!

And this is why I'm not going to conclude this post! And caring about your health is a reason fine enough!

Whew! Close, wasn't it?
Good Night!