A letter to my Samsy!

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I saw you for the first time on a sidewalk. You were with someone else, but the way he treated you was repulsive! One glance at you and I had lost my senses. Oh! Such charms! I had fallen in love with you at the first sight, and so had you! Since then I've sought my luck to have you with me.

And the day when we'd got each other! It was the day of purest joy for me, the penultimate, the supreme, the only bliss that I ever asked for! I'd explored you with such desires! Your supple touch raised phenomenal questionable feelings in me, you had stirred something deep in my heart, and I was complete! The way you expressed yourself was wonderful, you always did what I wanted you to, you got me a glimpse of laughter when I was sad, and motivation when I was down.

You were mine, together forever! We slept together, we ate together, we lived together!

We never fought, or maybe we did? But I know I had never displeased you, even if I had, you know I didn't actually mean to. I loved your voice, so clear, so sensual, so soft. You knew what had to be done in meetings, and what in a car drive.

You've always hated being mishandled, you required all the manners in  perfect order.

Now I wonder there did I go wrong? You don't seem to be right. Your behavior has changed!

Most of all, you've left me at a point where I cannot do anything to set things right. This palliative attitude of yours hurt me bad. My eyes are still swollen from the negotiation I was waiting about this relationship between us that never happened.

I loved you!

The only thing possible now is getting you compensated with, or renewed. The internal damage you've had is beyond my knowledge, but they would do you well. Just have faith on me! I promise you, things will not have changed between us. I bloody need you more than anything in my life!!

You are really the only phone I've ever loved! Believe me! I bought you for your curvy QWERTY keypad, girl!

Please get well soon?
Your love, Tushar!

Together forever?

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His watch beeped twice in unison with the bell tower outside the Railway Station as he scanned the brimming crowd for an empty cab. In less than 3 minutes he was in the backseat of one, impatiently waiting to reach her college.

Flashbacks whooshed past him as he tried to distract himself by observing the immobile traffic on the small Highway. Things would get messier back in Lucknow if his parents even got a hint that he was in Delhi! They would connect the dots and everything would be lost. But nothing was going to be hay-wired now, everone expected him home by Tuesday and it was Sunday today. He had one whole day to himself and her. And he would utilize that one day to make it up to her. How wonderful their life had been, they used to talk every day, but then the tour happened. The tour was from his college, 23 students from Lucknow had been selected to visit some industries in Punjab and on the second night of the leave from his home his mom came across their valentine cards! And what a storm it was, her mom in Delhi and his mom in Lucknow!

The cab stopped smoothly at the gate of an old college pulling him out of his thoughts, he got out, paid the driver and tried to study the college. She must be inside right now. Maybe in a class. Maybe lost. Maybe broken up completely, her mom would have had her grounded. Her cell phone had been seized away, so he had this last resort to scarper away from the tour mid-way and meet her personally. She had no clue he was standing here, he had no clue of where to look for her!

After a few formalities with the guards he strolled urgently into the college, looking for the buildings she used to talk of, the trees that used to scare her, the roads that always seemed so empty, and the canteen she practically lived in. The canteen! He checked his watch, it was 2:35. This was the usual start of her lunch time! He ran down the road following a sign board to the canteen, and in an instant he was facing the steps to the Grand Food Junction. He was finally here!

Then the realization hit him! He was here! What the heck was he doing here? What if she didn’t want to meet him? What if she expected everything to end this way, their moms fighting and they never talking again! What if she wasn’t ready to meet him yet?

And then it happened. She entered his line of sight. A sudden gust of wind gave him the cool chills as sweat beads glistened on his forehead. His knees gave away and he took support of the vehicle beside him. She was gorgeous! He had just met her twice before, but never like this! There were girls following him as she walked into the canteen. He stood rooted on the spot and stared at her. She looked happy! Peaceful! What was he doing here intervening in her life again? He had no right to make her sad again. After all that had happened between the two families, she deserved to live freely. Love happens. She would be loved by someone else eventually, someone who would actually give her the kind of calmness she deserved.

He was an outcast. He watched her eat. Talk to her friends, laugh at jokes. She did seem a bit perturbed, but else she was fine. He decided on the spot, he would leave her for good. Reach home and apologize to his family for not telling them about her. Everything would fall back on track. He would change his number, his internet accounts and she would forget everything gradually. Move on was the rule and he would respect it. He turned his back to the chattering crowd inside the cafe and looked up at the sky. If there was a God, He was smiling right now! What had he done to deserve such a punishment of lifetime banishment from the only person he ever loved in his life!

He wiped his forehead on his sleeve but then realized how wet his eyes were. He turned back to the canteen again to take one last look at her before leaving for good. Instead he found the table empty. She was gone! Tears tracked down his face as he took a step away towards the main gate of the Institute. He wouldn’t get to see her, so be it.

He'd put on his cap and made up his mind to leave the place at last when he noticed a movement behind him.  He swiveled his head to get the shock of his life. She was standing beside a tree. Directly looking at him with her soft but red sleepless eyes, her face showing emotions so rare, creases lining up her eyebrows, her hands shaking with her sobs.

Here we go again!

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And the day is ending. I wondered over the blog and the more I thought about it, more it became important to be given attention.
Now I can write something inspirational here which would make someone break someone's neck or make someone have a neck of doing something impossible that they might not have done without the real motivation! Or I can write the usual gibberish like I am doing right now!

The point is that is the generation so blind that they would meekly follow everything they've been provided with?
Maybe yes!

A fine example- I once came across a picture of an egg on the internet, below it was written "an egg". Now you might be confused, what's so funny in this? Okay, nothing is funny, but what people don't notice is that, internet is silently killing our common sense, we actually read the title of the egg!

Nowadays people when visit someplace and see something, the first thing they do is check the caption, even when the kid is pulling them away -'Mom they're just some stupid paintings!' and the mom retorts back -'But I've got to read the caption!'
It would be better if the mom looked at the painting and analyzed it in her way! It would automatically enhance the enigmatic magic behind it.

When the person actually thinks about something and comes to the conclusion himself, it does much better to him; and his brain!

And this is why I'm not going to conclude this post! And caring about your health is a reason fine enough!

Whew! Close, wasn't it?
Good Night!

Hello Everyone!

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Hey, so its saturday noon. Totally sunny outside as I sit and toil over Integrating the Differentiated equations.
I don't have a watch here, but judging by the brightness in this totally desolated room it might be 3:30. There's a whole logic behind not keeping a watch in watch. It distracts me. It might sound a bit melodramatic but it does! The moment I know what's the time, I synchronize myself to the rare oblivion and sit like a duffer lolling around till the right time to take actions.

Anyway, hope you like my posts, being the first one I haven't written anything legible yet, but I'm sure you'll start seeing things more clearly.

Welcome to Indisposed Pieces of remarkable snide comments on life's outside stories being treated as privily inside. This is Tushar Gargava, your contemplator for the wonderful days to come.