Moment of Realization

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So here I was feeding my 9 months old tortoise Bhola playfully back in my Diwali vacations. After his dinner my mum suddenly decided that he be involved in the Diwali Worships too. We agreed and he was set near the small temple.

Too busy lolling for his favorite food- ladyfingers!
As the preparations exceeded his tolerance limits, Bhola tried to scarper from the scene.
Mum was busy bathing a particular idol when Bhola worked out an escape route and ran off to the door hinge crack (the place where door is connected to the wall generally has a small space along with the hinges) and tried passing through it.
It took us five minutes of hysterical laughter to understand what the poor thing was going through. He was trying to pass through a small crack but had no idea that his shell is way too bigger than his small cute head! The blame was ours, he had never interacted with many tortoises.

This whole episode made me wonder later.
We all are bholas !

We try working out our way through problems without realizing the magnitude of after effects that we are ever carrying on our backs.
Maybe because we are too self involved to study other people of our kind to notice that that magnitude, as a matter of fact, is very large!

The other incredible bholapanti  that we perform is disbelief in ourselves.
We don't really realize that we are bigger than we think we are! We are made for things larger than we expect us to be.
This time if we try studying people around us and find them small and assume us to be small too. Then probably we are with the wrong people!

And if they despise clothes: Very, very wrong people!
We are born to stretch our limits!
Try to remember a scene where you yourself where surprised by your own potential. Was great, wasn't it? That's exactly what Bhola went through, though in a sadder note.

I'll leave it at this. All the best to my friends for the upcoming examinations, I hope this helps! Good day.

And HU201 Is Still Pissed!

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Afterthought: The part in italics are the thoughts of a proxy professor who's just walked into a busy classroom. The part in normal font describe the students. Makes things simpler now.
She took a deep breath, pulled herself up and walked in through the open door straight into the heart of easily the noisiest room in the corridor.

They all paused in their maneuvers to look up at the woman who had just entered. They knew her! She was one of those new faculties, maybe from the English department! Meaning, she was going to take the course this semester!

She walked up to the desk a bit nervous. The students had gone unnaturally quiet! She helped herself to a quick count of the strength of the class. Sixty-ish maybe?

Suddenly someone remembered that the course was actually in some other faculty’s able hands! It spread like wildfire and in less than a minute everyone had realized 3 things:
1.       She was just a proxy teacher.
2.       She seemed to have all intentions of teaching.
3.       They were Sixty-ish in strength!

She decided to announce it large to the class that she was going to teach something about ‘Memos’ when she felt it building in them. They were going to revolt!

She had some superstitious idea of a classroom etiquette which apparently stated that the teacher was, by all means, required to teach whenever she is in a class. Like how we humans are required to sleep, by all means, whenever comes the nightfall.
Needless to say, the CSKickers recognized none of the two funny rules. She had to go.

They started cutting her off. It was irritating and insulting! She had to stand her ground, but cleverly.

She’d started producing sentences from her book and challenged them to correct the same. 
It was now off limits.

They started shouting more with intensity. Now she had a reputation to maintain. But there was also the question of other rooms being disturbed. After a lot of painful compromising thoughts, she gave it up.

She fell silent after her fake promises were all broken. Didn’t matter much anyway! She was leaving, but not silently.

She took the piece of paper filled with names and started reading them loud to check for any confusion. She had to cancel down some names! She wondered how the original teacher was to handle this batch!

She collected her proud possessions and turned to leave. But she hadn’t come in vain, because now they were all brimming with ideas about how they were going to handle the original teacher!

Attributes of a Mass Bunk

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We run haphazardly down towards the corridor we’d sworn an hour earlier we were not going to visit.

It was a predeclared idea.  But there always are some trying-to-be-perfect ideologists breathing down a group’s chest which interestingly is a group who think that they have a new idea and everyone should follow it.
Well in short, every notion has to meet resistance. We had to deal with ours.

So here we are, hurrying, swearing loudly to ourselves. A bunk was all we needed.
Sometimes when it’s too uncomfortable for us to concentrate with the lecturer on a topic, which actually is beneath us if we really attempt to understand it, we announce a mass bunk. 

That's the plan!

It involves top notch management, some will power, and convincing skills along with leadership wisdom and a cool image to actually collect a mass and work towards the bunk. But it all pays off in the end.
When a class actually is bunked successfully and if you roam around unintentionally, you would see a bunch of guys calculating the assets and liabilities they had in their account for the next time. If you stand close enough, you would also see them working out on the procedural errors, possible errors and improbable errors! Cool, isn’t it?

We finally reach the guys who were standing perplexed about the arrangement of the lecture. And here comes the power of character and friendship. The guy closest to them in brotherhood approaches them to talk them out of their amazement and gets them to calm themselves down to sanity.

After an experience and a sweet memory, we walk out of the corridor together dignified. Joyous that we could accomplish one more achievement in addition to the degree we, probably, were getting at the end of our tenure. The leader gets the slap on the back he deserves, and we all disperse informally to bathe in the shining glory we brought for ourselves.

Drunk Rats; Worried People!

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No-one ever looked so worried at my house than those scurrying little rats.
Always in emergency! Like they were being threatened by someone!
It bothered me the least, but being a part of my home, I had to attend to them.

So I sat down to think, what did they need? They already had everything, shelter, food, safety, comfort. Name it, they had it!
They didn't have big TVs though, but is that necessary?

They can always watch Friends with me! Without touching and all!

They live for living, to them life is a set of tunnels, because whichever way you choose, you end up living in that scenario!
Ever since I've got all the creaks of my floorboard fixed up, they've been enjoying in the light!

Nah, I'm not worried. He is. And he has muscles. Okay that's worrying!

We have changed, evolved, to being worried.
Every species of animals on this planet is now safe. We take care of them.

Funny thing is, the situation is kind of reversed.
Dogs had to worry about waters. They needed to pee for territories and all! But now, they have dog parks! And their owners are trying to survive through their low budget, fitting the doggy's comfort somehow in it!

Its good being worried. I see lots of worry bars, people sitting inside, worrying. About what?
Heavens knows. They just are.

OMG! But rats worry too! About umm the barmaid!

We worry about jobs, girlfriends, family, fitness, mankind! There are so many things if you come to think of it!
Worrying is important, there are uncertainties!
But uncertainty is inevitable, worrying is optional.
What about the pain caused by uncertainties?
Again, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!
Everything has an answer, but worrying isn't the correct one!

I once heard them say, 'You don't give a man's fart, do you?'
Apparently, I didn't worry, I just never farted before them after that!

Baba Made A Boo Boo!

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Actions have taken a whole new course as Baba Ramdev unwisely has declared that he will rise an Army of over eleven thousand youth to fight against Government.
What I find amusing is that, in his temper, he hasn't even declared how he intends to do that! Surely rain dance wouldn't be the climax of this extra ordinary plan!

I've been following his deeds for a while but this news, this untoward plan of him, has set the ball rolling against HIM!

This essentially showcases how his ego was hurt by the steps taken by Government to assure Nation's safety (as according to them, I'm not taking sides). Whereas sources report that police only intervened because Baba Ramdev had promised them that he'll be vacating the Ramleela Ground before 4, but he didn't.

See! Wouldn't have been so happy ever since the first Anulom Vilom!

This also gives Baba Ramdev's followers a second thoughts about him, I mean, wasn't he supposed to know how to use his power of great commanding skills. And definitely building an Army isn't the best use of it!
Maybe its time Baba Ramdev has eaten something, food makes one go mad if you ask me! Though I am not suggesting he is! He is fantastic! Attained a lot in his age, more than anyone would imagine!
Seriously, who would have thought that the person who's made passengers waiting on the airport rub their nails in hope to grow some hair would make four ministers rub their slippers on the same airport in hope that he would compromise!

I love how the things are turning out! Now, Anna Hazare has ideas to start a new Anashan if Lokpal isn't in effect before 15th August! Eat this Government! Couple of big shots determine what to do, impact creating mob follow for the cause and those of us who are passionate enough, but in cuffs of responsibilities, spread the news!
Jai Hind!

Imaginary Friend's List

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You see that kid talking to someone beside him, you think he’s kinda cute, you lean to look if it’s his girlfriend he’s talking to, you freak out to see that the space beside him is empty!

So what if he’s got imaginary friend? He’s still a human, a walking humanitarian sample with all the emotions pretty much still intact in him, isn’t he?
Nah, you think it’s stupid!

She's clearly doing it wrong kid!

Why do people talk to themselves?
They’re not mad, one thing for sure!
They’re just more comfortable that way!

We do what we want to do, whatever we like. He likes making invisible friends because he needed one!
And he had to bend to this resort because he didn’t have the courage or the heart to approach out to a real one!

People like these need good company. I’ll not stress that they need help, that would be like saying directly that they are indeed mad, which they are certainly not!
They are just as sane as you and me.

But sometime world spins the wrong way too!

 They just need a good friend like you. Obviously not for the above illustrated purpose!

Go out to that cute little kid, talk to him, and make him forget that he’s diffident, apprehensive about social life. Wash him out of that innocence, turn him into something great. Make him feel good about himself, and watch the invisible friend disappear!
Wait, he’s invisible, and unwatchable. And already has disappeared!
 Umm tell you what? Just read between the lines, don’t go into the literal words.

Off you go now. Somebody somewhere needs you! Really! And that someone is desperately waiting for you to enter into their sloppy life to make it heaven.
Goodnight! Pip-pip!

When I Fell Ill

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All of us, at some point in our life, have wanted to fall ill. I did too. And suffered heavily with it too!
A little juvenile affair of falling ill with my ongoing End Term Practical Exam. Boy some heavy shit that was!

What no-one understood was, why did I fall ill? Some mysterious force must have been working upon me, because however the 6 tablets tried, they couldn’t get me up on my feet.
They didn’t have any effect on me, neither alleviative, nor palliative.

Eventually, I had to be cured. And I did! At my birthday, on my way to my hometown I got this feeling that maybe, I, am somehow cured of that obnoxious disease.
Wohoo! I did a quick hi-five to myself!

But oh, this discussion isn’t going anywhere!

Being indisposed is awesome! You get all the concern from all those important people who, all of a sudden, start missing your presence everywhere. Though that might come as a nice feeling to you, you start getting bored of staying in bed all the time.
I tried roaming around a bit, but ended up knocking myself unconscious and vomiting all over the bathroom in the hall. Beat that!

The best thing about falling ill can be- You look at your life in a different way. You appreciate life. You appreciate people. You know who cares for you, to what extent. I experienced both joy and pain after falling ill. But the best thing was, I enjoyed my time.
I enjoyed a bit more of life!

Hello Everyone, again!

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Its been three months together!
Time passed by.

Now, I've made a few changes to the blog.
 1. I've created a Facebook page for the blog, please do check it out and leave your valuable suggestions.
And please do like the page to stay connected!

2. I've changed the layout of the blog a bit.
For example, there's this new 'share' button to directly share the post with your friends on Facebook, please do use it. And many more small changes have been applied.
Oh and I'll soon be expanding the blog, wait for it!

2. I've changed the url address of this blog.
The new one being
Please note the same.

3. I want to reach out to all the readers out there. Please talk to me, it'll be great. I want to improve and extend my potential and make this blog widely loved. Help me out please!

That's all for today! I'll keep posting and you all be with me, its all I can ask for.
God bless you all for reading me out, I'm really glad to have you all around. Without you all, this blog would be just another piece of neglected dream that I had the courage of dreaming.

Thanks. Have a wonderful day.

A Stranger Tide

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A time will come, when you will want to talk to some stranger. No-one else, not your lover, not your friend, no parents, no shrinks! Just a simple stranger.

At that time, you can always turn to this blog for help.
I’ve enabled commenting as Anonymous. Just type in a comment, me or some anonymous will surely reply!
There you go! Job done. 

And the stranger is confused!

What I think is that at that time you should sit back, pack up everything around you, or leave it in a mess, and close your eyes and think.
Listen to your heart. Listen to brain. Listen to your heartbeats. Listen to your memories.
And that will do the magic!

You will have a Tsunami of help flooding in!
Waves over waves of thoughts will fly through your mind. But you have to try to keep your mind blank.

Try it now. Continue reading later.
Start now. Seriously!
I’m not joking.
Stop everything right now and dream.
Dream of a blankness with your eyes open.

Close them and stay blank, totally blank for 1 minute. Look deep into your eyelids to help yourself!
The minute starts now.

Umm maybe this guy didn't 'think' at all!

To those who did it, you might have felt the weight.
To those who didn’t, it wasn’t my loss at all!

Now, I believe you tried doing it. And failed?
Staying blank is difficult but at the same time is the simplest way to relax!
Spending time with oneself is equally important! So try increasing the investing time.

Piggy snorts make much more sense!

Always collect your thoughts and keep them with you.
I’ve written enough, your experience will teach you better.
Happy Meditating!

His plane crash

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Why the hurry? Bang, his reply would be, 'I have a plane crash to attend to!'

Horror lit his eyes beyond imagination. Maybe he was thinking about death. He can’t be blamed, what would a normal person do if he had one breakup, many misunderstandings, infinite lies and a death to cover?
He was dying of heart failure. His heart was always a weak one, though he never let that out.

All he did was love a girl back, be faithful to his parents, keep his friends motivated and be a wonderful person to everyone else. Oh and one more thing, he never ever revealed about his dying condition!
No-one could remember if they’d ever seen him dull! He always was excited and energetic!
The girl now understood, the friends now were by his side, he had lied to them about his condition, but he needed them more than ever.

It must be so painful for him to lie on that hospital bed!
Constantly counting seconds, breaths, chirrups, beeps around him.

The horror that filled his eyes was so sorrowful! He was afraid, intensively afraid to leave.
The beeps sped up a bit, panic stirred the room.

Then it started happening!
He grabbed hold of his sheets tightly. Two hands held them instead.
Sweat lined up his face, mixing with tears.
He tried to talk; the nurse stuffed him with an injection instantly.
The holding hands kept slipping due to sweat.
Some people tried to smile at him; he induced the same red hot fear in them.

We live to live, he lived to die.
Turning his terrible face, panting heavily he cried for help! Prayed to his dumbfounded friends to save him! Prayed to God to let him live! And continued sobbing.
Everyone in the room wanted to help him and love for him was flowing like sweet nectar of a rose petal!

It was then when without warning, he left.
His plane had crashed!

The frogs in the crack

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At the end of the tiring day I was walking down across the football field towards my room when I looked at the newly constructed footpath around it replete with footsteps.

Yep, this is not our college's picture!

Now these footsteps had few frogs jumping around. And they were a fine example of what I’ve always been thinking about! Suppose there’s this frog which was born in a crack (joining two footsteps) at the ground. He must have been a tadpole playing around in that crack, in a small puddle of water. Now after that taddy grows up, he’ll be changing into a fully fledged muscular frog. This frog will still jump around his hood. With his nigga fellows gang. This froggy will then live his entire life fooling around that footstep! Or maybe he’ll roam around too, but he can’t ever leave the football field!

Imagine us as that helpless frog! We come into this world.
Oh I really don’t understand what I was thinking while stepping in this world! What did I suppose it’d be like?
I mean, the Almighty must have asked me, pointing towards a globe out of the million, ‘This world?’
I’m sure I must have shrugged, ‘Yeah, I guess!’

So we come into this world, live in that crack growing up. Then after we grow up, umm what do we do?
Roam around? No!
We like to be pushed around, we need a job. A stagnant, substantial job!
And if that job makes us go somewhere then its fine. Or else, to heck with exploring around, let’s just sit for a while!

Who's the fool now?

We crawl through that footstep! Pant a little, cry out of frustration, then start walking again!
We have to find a way out! There’s so much to explore!
Let’s ZOOM out!
Whoosh, out of this university.
Whoosh, out of this area.
Whoosh, this city!
This state!
And we see other states!
Whoosh, out of this country!
Whoa! There’s China! Japan! England! America!
Whoosh, out of this globe!
There’s the Moon! Sun! Mars!

"Hey there!"

There is so much to think about! And all we are concerned about is this situation we are in.
It’s not gonna change if we don’t take a stand.
Think about what you want to be?
Think about what you always wanted to be?
I wanted to write this blog, and I-freaking-am doing it!

Umm yeah, bad example. My bad!

Do something, walk in and out of your room for the entire night!
Think! Think! And keep thinking. Life is really really short. But we are larger than those tadpoles!

Death does suck. But this guy sucks more!
Cheers and keep thinking!

The Boys' Toilet

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WARNING: I don’t mean any harm to any single soul in this universe. This is a work purely intended for light humor.

Sometimes I wish there was a device that would never need me find and visit a loo to help me relieve myself. But then it strikes me, what fun would that be?

So here I was, in a cubicle, lamenting upon my drooping eyes due to sleep, and heaving sighs of relief with the flow, when I suddenly realized that there was someone looking at me! I turned slightly to notice that it was Siddharth.
Ideally we should have exchanged good mornings going back to minding our own stream of thoughts but instead Siddharth wriggled his way out of the routine. And all he said was, “The boys' toilet, you should write a blog post on it!”
For a second it seemed that someone had brought me face to face with the truth about life! How bright I had felt after that!

The boy’s toilet chiefly consists of two things, boys and toilets. Boys are just material necessities, humans! It’s the toilets that matter.
Oops, I’m not being polite! I shouldn’t be discussing this!
Anyway, the most attractive things you can find in a specific boys restroom, apart from the boys themselves, are the wall graffiti, the awkward silence or the excited chattering!

Oh I love graffiti!
A normal wall graffito can vary from being totally educational to entirely emotional.
A lover carves out his feelings on the tainted canvas not worrying about anything writing about the girl in concern. Later readers enrich themselves to their fullest.
A cheater copying down extracts from a textbook never expresses anything out of his own mind, but still all the passer bys get the idea of his pain and sorrows.
Check out some of them if you get to, but be safe while adding comments!

The behavior conducted in a boy’s restroom is hasty.
Self help is the best help is seen to be observed in there. People come and go, contemplating something all the while. Or else talking about issues that could result to a better world!
The meaning of life is redefined in a boy’s restroom. It is a sacred place for the reunion of mind and soul, for if there is restlessness, you can’t concentrate!

What should you watch out for in a boy’s toilet?
Nothing! Haven’t you heard the latest? Thou shall not act gay.
But if it’s a girl entering into the den of the sleeping rascals! Beware: everything should be watched out for!

This was me, trying my best not to gross you out by stating the obvious. What else did you think happened there?
Think straight. As straight as motion of the sun.

A deserving take on Miss Justin Bieber

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WARNING- I do not doubt the existence of God and am not turning you all against Him in this article. So please don’t develop a negative image of me after reading this. And all Bieber lovers are rudely requested in advance to stay out of this and resume admiring pictures of fluffy pink cats.

I don't understand his hand gesture!
But as they say, it's difficult to understand women!

We all know this epileptically tortured singer who brays so widely that all the saint donkeys hide themselves so as not to look like the culprit of the mass havoc else they be slaughtered in their sleep by the nauseated appreciators of fine music.  Every time I hear someone tuning out his set of speakers, fiddling with the treble or bass knobs, my stomach lurches at the mistaken sound of Miss Bieber coming out of the magnetic vibrators teased into insanity!
Why does he exist?
Why isn’t someone pulling his pants off in front of an international television show to prove that he is a normal underage girl going through her puberty?
Umm this was off the handle, that attempt would be termed as vulgarity, and anyway it would be such a shame to the female community, if or even if not he be proved feminine!
Oh and why am I still denoting her as he!!

Frankly, I don’t have any mutual grudges with him but when his voice spills out of his larynx, the air around me seems to churn out some invisible harmless gas enveloping my brains, lest I die oozing out all my Cerebro Spinal Fluid due to the hum produced by my innocent gray cells!

 I can ask him so many questions given the chance!
Why on earth is he more famous than David Archuleta who finished as a runner up in 2008’s American Idol receiving 44% of the 97 million votes sent to the show? David incidentally is also a decent song-writer, is better talented than Bieber and also looks cuter than Bieber! Seriously, David is cute! 

One of the youngest contestant featured in American Idol 7

Coming back to Bieber. Why was Bieber showcased in a movie when there are better actors than him struggling to surface to fame?
Why is he considered at all?

One answer that defies all attacks of blames showered down on him.
Mind you, think as you may, he sings well. But doesn’t deserve the attention he is attracting.

And to all the Bieber lovers out there, I don’t give a heck to what you feel about him, though I respect your humanity to fall for such an alien wonder.
 I cringe at the thought of seeing him in person. I’d faint out of sickness!
But really, no offense to anyone, not even him.

Need I say anything more?

 PS- Sarcastic remarks on him will be happily welcome!

What is really behind a Company's vision?

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I’m thinking it out loud hoping it would help me understand it better.

Looks titanic, doesn't it?

Let's start with a big company, for example, Cognizant.  It claims so many things in its vision!
It is visionary.
So what? Isn’t that vision just something created to lure the mega companies to avail their services? Or is it just an attempt to really talk about what Cognizant wants to do? I inwardly doubt at its intentions. Invariably the company wants to reach the pinnacle of corporate industry. Unequivocally the owner of Cognizant started this organization to fill his bank account.

So what are the factors that make us decide what to talk about our company as? Meaning that if I start a company myself (that would be so great!), what would I tell my employers to make them work hard? Should I plainly motivate them or should I tell them that we all should work hard because we want to see ourselves in the top ten list of millionaires? Maybe the good thing would be to develop my motto of keeping my company alive. That would also help me gain fame. 
For example, the above mentioned company, Cognizant hasn’t made any effort to reach out to a confused entrepreneur, unlike Infosys which shares their sustainably reports, replete with nonsense information trying to assure a common person of how it would never fail in robbing them. No offense to anyone because I also agree that they provide quality service in return.
But there we go again! How can I comment on the service of the company if I have not tested it myself?
From its success reports. And who provides them? 
The company!
I like Infosys' style.

A display of awards on Infosys' about me

So if I come to the point, no company ever truly leaks their express reason behind existing. But it doesn’t mean that they are blatant liars! They just don’t tell you the basic truth when they proudly talk about every other glorifying aspect. That is smartness. Which implies that apart from the whole building up the Company struggle, the leading companies also give an equal importance to this ‘about us’ section. And from what I see, it helps!


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F.A.L.T.U. is different, except the fact that it has copied the whole of its storyline from the movie Accepted. But I’m only going to talk about F.A.L.T.U.

This movie tells the pathetic story of those students who, after successfully or unsuccessfully, completing their high school get rejected from all the universities or colleges they apply in because of their insufficient marks. Here our leads decide that for the moment they would create a fake university to satisfy their parents. They get a principal Baaji Rao (Riteish Deshmukh) and with the help of Google Chand (Arshad Warsi) open the Fakirchand And Lakirchand Trust University aka F.A.L.T.U for a day, but in the process of making their parents believe the website they create accidentally lets anyone take an admission in the institute. The fun begins when mistakenly 3000 students enroll for the facilities!

The movie is good. They continue the fake college; force everyone to study whatever they desire to and polish their talents with e-learning. Some lines are impact leaving on the calm mind. The acting is average. Vishnu, the character who gets in the best college but loves F.A.L.T.U. acted a lot better than his good for nothing friends. And his bossy dad is just stupid.
My-oh-my! The dance performance in the climax is just amazing! From a movie coming directly from Remo D’souza you can expect the exceptional. You’ll bless the dancers in the theater! The comedy is simple but will help you maintain a smile throughout. The movie is focused on the young generation but parents will also enjoy the mess. Background score is befitting! The songs are really catchy and beautifully created. Atif Aslam again proved that he can stir souls, though I don’t understand why his song was only put in the credits, but at least they kept it in the movie.

I will suggest you watch the movie if you are free for two and half hours. It is educational (Riteish keeps talking about that!) and funny. Most of all, it is inspiring. For all of those who are being forced to sway away from our dreams please watch this movie once. But I assure you this is not a new three-idiots in a hideous manner! Hope you like the movie too!

And always remember, a movie watched in a theater has the best impression ever!

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

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I recently watched this movie, and had the sudden idea of writing about it! So here is my own review of World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles.

His reputation is tarred. People snigger at him when he passes by. The team he has been appointed to refuses to recognize orders from him. And he had got retirement permission. Alas! The alien invasion!

This is the story of Sgt. Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) who strives to find peace in his life after an unsuccessful attempt at a mission losing all of his team members. He applies for retirement. The focus of the movie for the first quarter is HIM. We watch how he almost got freed when batches of meteors disrupt the civilization on earth and he is called again to service.

As the US army prepares themselves to face an unknown dawn of terror threatening Los Angeles, they realize that they are dealing with an Alien Invasion! Then again our Sergeant comes into focus as he gets his orders to accompany a team to a police station and get all victims of the destruction safely on a scheduled chopper. The proposed bomb drops were to destroy the already destroyed city to destroy the ETs.
This is the basic plot, except that they don’t get the people on chopper in time, and the bomb drops never happen, and Sergeant decides to handle things his way.
Apart from the action, you will also witness a boy missing his dad and realizing responsibilities, the Marine spirit of the men and the sergeant fighting his own past when his future is so terrifyingly haunted!

The movie is sensible. The visual effects are way too hot to take eyes away from. The direction is good. If you are in a mood for some thriller, watch this movie! It’s got nearly everything. Some scenes had me gripping the seat of the theater hall, some had me shouting in joy, some made me drop my corns in terror (especially when you meet the alien for the first time!) Laughs will be few, but joy will be plenty! Hope you like the movie too!

And always remember, a movie watched in theater has the best impression ever!

Plausibly transparent

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Your friend gives you a knowing look and everything falls in place. You realize everything.
This has happened to lot of us in our lives, sometime, somewhere. And is pretty convenient too. But what about the rest of the group lagging behind on the news?
Real mature guys! Don’t tell us, we wouldn’t mind, just don’t expect us to not be so secretive the next time you stand beside us.
Believe me; this feeling is exactly like when you slide off a slide to land in a puddle of mud! You want to tear apart the whole world in rage!

The person you trust wholeheartedly, would never deceive you. But we have the chance of exploring their faith, don’t we?
Life is short to live with regrets, and keeping it simple is the rule. Living transparently would be so less complex. Guilt free. Hassle free.

So what’s stopping us?
The general mentality of people around us. If they would try to be us and understand the way we are experiencing the situation in our circumstance, then they would be called cool and easy-to-share-things-with person. Otherwise, it’s better living off without them knowing anything. And I would go beyond that, it’s better to live off without the person near you! Throw them away like a disease clinging for future death of your generation carrying prospective objects!

If you are lucky enough to have a person who is super cool with emotions or really understanding in nature and is transparent himself/herself, then I suppose you can be intimately transparent to them too.
The person would also appreciate it. And who knows this might end up hesitation between the pair!
Being transparent is a gesture of expressing to the other person that you completely have faith on them and appreciate their presence in your life.

Only if people were made of glass, no-one would have the heart to shatters someone else’s!